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Move Pix/Vids from Drive to iPad

Sometimes you need to move a picture or video that you’ve stashed in Drive, so you can use in on your iPad [in iMovie, for example].

Here’s how:

  • Open up Drive and naviagate to the picture or video you want to use.
  • Click on it – it should open up so you can view it
  • Hold your finger on it. A window should popup that will give you the option to save it to your Photo Album.

From there you can import into iMovie, Textilus, etc.


So what happens when you copy the photo from Drive to your Photos, and then Drive copies all your Photos back up to Drive because of the setting. Do you get 2 copies of the photo? Hmmmm……….

Save Your Data! [what to do after your iPad gets wiped]

Here’s what you need to MAKE SURE gets setup after your iPad gets wiped – or better yet, BEFORE something happens  to your iPad.

The Short List

  1. iCloud signed in to your MDS email address
  2. iCloud Backup ON
  3. Google Drive – signed in, Pix auto-backup
  4. Notability – backing up to Google Drive
  5. Setup Email

The Detailed List


This will make it faster to setup your iPad in case of a disaster.

  • Settings –> iCloud
  • Make sure you are signed in. You should see YOUR MDS EMAIL at the top. If you have used a different email address, CHANGE IT NOW. If you want to know why, ask Mr. Rule.
  • Turn iCloud Backup ON – and start a backup.


Google Drive

Automatically backup your pictures and videos after you take them.

  • Sign in to Google Drive
  • Look for the 3 stacked lines, top left. [It’s called a “hamburger menu”].
  • Click it.
  • Select Settings…..
  • Select Photos
  • Turn ON both sliders at the top [Use Google Photos folder, Autobackup].
  • Sometimes the “Google Photos” option is grayed out. I don’t know why. Let me know if you figure it out.



Automatically back up everything in Notability to a folder on Google Drive.

  • Fire up Notability
  • Bottom Left corner – click the gear icon [settings]
  • AutoBackup
  • Google Drive
  • Login
  • Give it permission


Setup Email

  • Settings –>Email
  • Add new account
  • It’s a GOOGLE account
  • Fill in the fields – should be easy to figure out.
  • When you get to the screen with 4 sliders – turn all 4 of them green, then hit SAVE

Moving Pictures around

If you have pictures/videos and need to move them around, here are a couple of processes.

To get a photo from Drive to Camera Roll:
• On the iPad, open up the Drive app.
• Click on the filename to view it.
• Click on the image – a dialogue box should pop up.
• Click “Save image”.

The file is copied over to the camera roll.
To get a photo from Drive to Photoshop [or another app]:
• On the iPad, open up the Drive app.
• Click on the “i” icon, to the right of the filename.
• Click “Open In” icon, select Photoshop or the app of your choice.
To get a photo from Camera Roll to Google Drive:
• On the iPad, open up the Drive app.
• Navigate to the folder where you want to stash the photos. Create a new folder if needed.
• Click the + icon, top right.
• Select “Upload Photos or Videos”
• Click on the files you want to upload. You’ll see a blue checkmark on the ones you select.
• When done, click the bigger blue checkmark at the top of the window. Wait a minute – or several minutes if you have selected a whole bunch  of files to upload.
NEVER assume they got uploaded – always doublecheck!