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Parental Controls on your Home Network

An article for Parents who are trying to maintain some safety on their home network. Note that this is for information only – please do not think of this as an “official endorsement”.

MDS Tech does think it’s a pretty interesting idea, and worth a look.

Bark is able to provide monitoring for iPads with the help of the Bark Desktop Application. The Bark Desktop is downloaded onto the main computer and will analyze the iPad for text, photos, videos, web browsing, and voice memos every time the device is detected over Wifi or plugged in.
How to Monitor an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
However, if you want to take advantage of our “on the go” screentime and web-filtering on the device, you’ll need to download the Bark VPN. This allows parents to apply rules such as what apps or websites can be accessed and blocked during scheduled times.  These rules sets will apply even when the child is away from the home and off the main network. You do not need this feature for monitoring the device as it works independently. 
[NOTE: This may involve working with MDS Tech to get the VPN setup.]
What is Screen Time & Web Filtering?
If you want to apply the same limitations to the device without using our VPN, you’ll want to purchase our Bark Home product. This applies your screentime and web-filtering rules for every device in the household – including devices that can’t download the VPN [ such as smart TVs, watches, etc.] The Bark Home works as a gatekeeper for the router and filters websites based on the rules that you have set for each profile. You decide which profile rules get set for which device. Remember that once the device leaves the Home WiFi network, the screentime and web-filtering rules will not take place. 
What is Bark Home or In-Home Controls?

Keep Safe Online

Since it is Summer, now is the PERFECT time to learn about online safety. **IF** you have a Powerschool account at MDS, you can join an LMS “class” that has several modules you can go through.

None of this is meant to scare you – but it is always good to be prepared, to know when things look a little fishy. That can save a TON of headaches.

Students and parents with PowerSchool Learning accounts may enroll themselves by going to and entering the code