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As of January 27, 2022, Apple released an update to IOS 15 that plugs a major security hole. Update your iPad at home. TONIGHT. It is **that** critical.

Settings –> General –> Software Update

Note: If you don’t see an update pending, then check each night for the next week.

What does it fix? Attackers can steal your recent browser history, and even details about your logged accounts [such as Google].

The bug affects all browsers on the iPad – which would mean Chrome AND Firefox are vulnerable as well as Safari.


See the source image

No. This is a reality of living in the 21st century. In the 1950’s we were told to lock our cars, in the 1960’s to lock our doors. Now we have to keep our devices updated.


Well, then CLICK HERE for an article about the issue, and HERE for Apple’s Release notes.


  • Make more room on your ipad – see THIS ARTICLE for help.
  • Come by the ARC. We *can get your ipad updated, but it will take several hours.


Send an email to and ask away.

iPads and Printing

If you are having trouble printing on your iPad – AND other students **can** print – here are some things to check:

Step One:

Correct printer?

Are you printing to the correct printer? A surprising number of students stand by one printer while their documents is being printed in the other building.

Step Two:

Bump your Network.

This is more than just turning your Wi-Fi off and then on. You want your iPad to “forget” the MDS-student network, then reconnect it. This often clears the decks and allows your ipad to find the printer.

iMovie: Do you know how?

See the source image

First, some advice:

  • LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION – over 90% of the time you should be shooting in Landscape orientation [a.k.a. SIDEWAYS]. The ONLY time Portrait Orientation is preferred is if 99% of your audience will be looking at the video on their phone, AND they don’t know how or are too lazy to turn their phone sideways.
  • GOOD AUDIO IS IMPORTANT. After all, without it you just created a silent movie. Talk louder than you think, and be aware of all the noise that it around you [try closing your eyes and listening to the sounds around.]
  • PLAN what is going to happen – it will save time. What shots do you want? What sounds? Where? Who is going to be in it?

Here’s a good process to follow when creating a video

  • Shoot your footage.
  • Get too much video – it’s easier to delete extra material than to stretch out material because you don’t have enough.
  • Put the clips in rough order.
  • Add titles.
  • Record your voiceover, if you are going to add one.
    • After recording bump the volume up as much as you can – avoid a lot of red in the waveform, though a bit is usually OK. Your ears will tell you.
  • Watch it 5 times – look for problem spots and fix them.
  • Export the movie and send it on its way. Google Drive is a good place to stash video.

Some Online Help: