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Youtube without distractions

Instead of this:

Your screen can look like this:

No distractions.

You do this by first calling up the video you want to watch, and then adding a DASH inside the address, between the t and the u in youtube.. For example, change

NOTE: This does NOT work with the shortened address you get when pressing the “Share” button. You have to copy/paste/modify the link at the top of the page, in the address bar.

This also MAY not work when monetization is enabled for the video. It throws an error message.

Canva – Create away!

Use Canva to create all sorts of Graphics, from presentations to flyers to…. well, the list is long. You can download PDF or graphics [like jpg or png], import them into a Notability project, print them out….. In other words, you have options. – sign in with Google, and use your MDS account info.

But what if you don’t have time [or the inclination]

to learn how to use Canva?


Canva for Students – short, easy, tutorials