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Websites are flaky on my computer!

Here are some things to try when your web browser starts acting flaky, or just weird:

Reboot the thing – it’s not just a joke. Rebooting can fix a variety of ills.

Download and install the Edge browser []. See if your machine is still unhappy…. or download Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi…. there are dozens of others. If the site works in a different browser but not your preferred one, that indicates something has gone wonky with just your browser.

Clear the cache in ALL of your current browsers
Firefox: ]

Make sure Chrome and Firefox are updated
Firefox: ]

Make absolutely sure all of your Windows updates have been applied:,an%20available%20update%2C%20it%20will%20begin%20downloading%20automatically.

Dell Deals for MDS

For a limited time: Dell’s Member Purchase Program is announcing a new discount percentage on Dell and Alienware electronics & accessories! Members can now save 10% on top tech accessories, including monitors. Take advantage of this great offer to complete your tech set up. 

In addition, Labor Day Early Access will launch on 8.31 at 6:00 AM ET. Please check out the attached flyer and below details, which highlight some of the doorbusters available. Shop early as doorbusters are limited in quantity. We will also have standing offers throughout the event. 

As a reminder, shop online at

This is open to MDS faculty, staff, students, families…. anyone with any association with MDS. Please note that you MUST use the link above to access these speicals.

As a reminder, shop online at

iPad Turnin – Summer Schedule

Watch for emails and texts from the MDS Administration regarding when late fees for iPad turnin will begin to accrue.

Beginning Tuesday May 26 MDS will be on Summer operating hours:
Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

iPads [and textbooks and sports uniforms] may be turned in during operating hours in the Main Office in Sheridan hall.

CLICK HERE for details on what to do before arriving.