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Anything on the web that might be useful

  • Interested in Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Ancient Mediterranean? - Ever wondered what it was like INSIDE? Might we suggest Mused.org? Visit the website and go to all sorts of ancient places virtually. Go

  • Youtube without distractions - Instead of this: Your screen can look like this: No distractions. You do this by first calling up the video you want to watch, and

  • Go Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza - https://giza.mused.org/en/guided/266/inside-the-great-pyramid You'll need to login [use your Google login] - then you can virtually walk through

  • Canva - Create away! - Use Canva to create all sorts of Graphics, from presentations to flyers to.... well, the list is long. You can download PDF or graphics [like jpg or

  • Play with Canva this summer! - Go to Canva.com and login with your MDS email address. Get

  • Canva - want to learn more? - CLICK HERE to learn more about what you can do with Canva. Have some fun with it! Learn what you can do with

  • It's NOT too late to vote for the WMDS logo! - CLICK

  • Is your book checked out? - When you are on campus, it's easy to see what books are available. You can search, or just browse the shelves from anywhere on campus - yes, on your

  • Facebook Account Hacked? - Start at this site: https://www.facebook.com/hacked https://www.facebook.com/help/131719720300233/ Here's some additional


  • Dell: 10% coupon - If you are looking for Dell computers, etc. - ordering though the MDS Dell portal has an option for 10% off. Here's how to get 10% off any

  • Powerschool LMS - troubles logging in, getting things done - The LMS system is being overwhelmed, which is one reason why so many are having trouble logging in. Note that this is a cloud-based product, and

  • Computing, GrandPa style - Macintosh System 1 Windows version 1.0 What we are used to computing-wise today all comes from a long line of predecessors that were created

  • Want to learn more? - MDS Tech is working on an Online Security "class" on Powerschool LMS. Anyone in the organization - who has setup a Powerschool Portal account - can

  • Make the Internet Not-So-Scary - There are people [and machines that people set up] that are constantly scanning the internet, trying to see if there are holes or unlocked doors

  • Something Scary, pt 3. - A live Cyber Threat map that lists when and where Malware, Phishing, and Exploit attacks are occurring. BILLIONS of attacks each day are

  • Something Scary, pt 2 - The below is a Cyber Threat Map from FireEye that animates threats as they are tracked by FireEye's servers. The screen shows which countries the

  • Something Scary, part 1 - Halloween is coming, so here's something really scary - a live map showing you Top DDoS attacks happening across the planet. DDoS = Distributed

  • The value of a hacked email account - Many people use the same password at difference sites - including for their email. So if your account info was among those hacked in the many online

  • League of Legends State Tournament - Want to go? - WANT TO RIDE THE BUS? Signup sheet is outside Mr. Midkiff's office. You do NOT have to request tickets online - but a signed permission slip is

  • MDS eSports: SemiFinals - CLICK HERE to watch the champion MDS eSports team as they battle in the best-of-three SEMIFINALS of the Georgia GHSA League of Legends Championship

  • eSports State Tourney: Round of 16, LIVE -

    CLICK HERE to watch the champion MDS eSports team as they battle in the

  • MDS on Youtube - We have TWO official Youtube channels at Mount de Sales. The Primary MDS channel [youtube.com/mdscavaliers] is where you'll find the morning

  • Read books on your iPad [for fun, not for class] - If you'd like to "check out" ebooks on your iPad, there are TWO ways: The MackinVia app already on your iPad. CLICK HERE for instructions on setting

  • Interesting: The First Web Apps - A little bit o' history for you - ever wondered where the whole idea of having websites, shopping carts, links, and all that came from? well, why

  • Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling via Khan Academy - Pixar offers free online lessons in storytelling via Khan Academy Nobody tells stories better than Pixar.  Now they're teaching classes on

  • Parents and Powerschool login - As of this year the way Parents access Powerschool has changed. In the past, parents logged into their student's accounts. As of 2016-17, parents

  • SENIORS: FREE MONEY! EVERYONE ELSE: PRIZES! - Dave Ramsey’s ,000 Financial Literacy Challenge is still open - until Monday, April 25! This Challenge, sponsored by Zander Insurance, gives

  • The Official Father Frank TongueTwister is here! - Franciscan Friar Father Frank frantically fileting fingerfish and frying fundraiser french fries for

  • MDS Name Contest - Name Our Campus Road and Grey Cottage! Here are the links to the form. You MUST be logged into your MDS Google Drive to add your ideas to the

  • Rain/Noise generator - If you need some background noise when studying, here's a good

  • Logan Brill - special offer on her new album - Music at the Mount - Logan Brill will be doing a special MDS only live concert this Friday during Flex BEFORE her performance Friday night for the first "Music at the

  • Photon Web Browser - Tips - Photon is an iPad web browser that allows you to access website that use Flash.  The biggest thing to remember is that anything Flash will NOT run

  • Youtube Tricks - Taken from http://lifehacker.com/the-six-best-youtube-url-tricks-1422544868 Some of these tips involve NON-youtube sites, and may change over

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