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iPads and Printing

If you are having trouble printing on your iPad – AND other students **can** print – here are some things to check:

Step One:

Correct printer?

Are you printing to the correct printer? A surprising number of students stand by one printer while their documents is being printed in the other building.

Step Two:

Bump your Network.

This is more than just turning your Wi-Fi off and then on. You want your iPad to “forget” the MDS-student network, then reconnect it. This often clears the decks and allows your ipad to find the printer.

Powerschool vs Powerschool Learning apps

Powerschool Learning IOS App icon
**THIS** is the app to use to access the MDS LMS

There are two powerschool apps on your ipad:
Powerschool Learning, used to access the LMS, and
Powerschool, used to check grades and such.

Make sure you are using the correct app!


  • You can also access the LMS by opening a web browser [Chrome, for example] and surfing to
  • Access to Grades are blocked during the school day. Access is opened back up around 3:00 pm.
Powerschool Mobile – used to check grades, but NOT during the school day

iPad Turnin Mon May 10 – Fri May 14

The Bullet-point details:

  • When: Monday May 10 through Friday May 14, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Where: THE ARC [no where else]
  • Who: The student turns in their own iPad. ONLY THE STUDENT MAY TURN IT IN – no friends, siblings, parents, uncles, etc. You MUST physically hand it in to the person manning the turnin station – do NOT “drop it off”. It will NOT be counted as turned in, and you WILL be charged.
  • What: your iPad, Charger cable, Charger block, plus what you will fill out in the ARC –> paperwork, plastic bag
  • But I have an AP exam: send an email RIGHT NOW to, indicating that you are taking an AP exam, the exact day you will be turning in your iPad, and what grade you are currently in.
    • NOTE: Summer hours beginning Monday May 17. Summer hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm. iPads turned in that later because of late AP exams will need to be turned in during those hours – in the ARC [NOT THE FRONT OFFICE].


  • Components required:  iPad, Apple certified iPad block, cable, case/screen
  • iPad MUST have at least a 20% charge

If the charge is under 20%, you will step aside to complete this task during the turn in process.

  • Passcode must be ALL ZEROS. 

If this needs to be done, you will step aside to complete this task during the turn in process.

  • iPad is to be powered on, at the home screen

If the iPad is powered off,  you will step aside to complete this task during the turn in process.

  • Patience, Patience, Patience – plan for 10+ minutes – there is paperwork!
  • You **MUST** turn the iPad in yourself. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Turn in ONLY to Mrs. Andrews or Mr. Rule in the ARC.
  • –> YOU <– must turn in your own iPad.
    • not a friend
    • not a sibling
    • not a parent
    • not a relative
    • not a stranger
    • ONLY YOU



  • ALL exceptions must be coordinated with Mrs. Andrews

Come to the ARC.  The only individuals to check in iPads are Mrs. Andrews and Mr. Rule.  We are expecting the student to come with his/her iPad – no siblings, no parents, no friends, just Seniors! (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Bottom line:  

By the end of the day on 5/14/21, all students have either turned in their iPad/components to an individual in the ARC – OR – if you need to hold onto your iPad because of a late AP exam – you have sent an email to about the return date.

DETAILS – Click the link below to see the process