Videos, iPads, playback – with a measure of salt.


  • Youtube without distractions - Instead of this: Your screen can look like this: No distractions. You do this by first calling up the video you want to watch, and

  • iMovie: Do you know how? - First, some advice: LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION - over 90% of the time you should be shooting in Landscape orientation [a.k.a. SIDEWAYS]. The ONLY

  • MDS eSports: SemiFinals - CLICK HERE to watch the champion MDS eSports team as they battle in the best-of-three SEMIFINALS of the Georgia GHSA League of Legends Championship

  • MDS on Youtube - We have TWO official Youtube channels at Mount de Sales. The Primary MDS channel [] is where you'll find the morning

  • Replacing the Laminator film - This is one of those "we need to stash the link to this video somewhere so we can find it later"

  • WMDS team - help wanted - We need students to help with WMDS. Jobs to be done include-but-aren't-limited-to: camera operator audio operator onscreen reader [i.e. what

  • Explore Google Hangouts - Here is a quick bulletpoint list of things to know about Google Hangouts. Scroll way down for more detailed instructions. I suggest using Chrome

  • Ban the Bottle Video Contest - Help out your fellow MDS students by watching, liking, and sharing their Tap Out Challenge video. click here If you are

  • Virtual Light Lab - make a movie - [4/14/15 update: added section about getting your video into iMovie on your iPad, at the bottom.] Virtual Light Lab is installed in all the ARC

  • iMovie - tips for creating - Quick notes for how to create an excellent iMovie: CONTENT IS THE WHOLE POINT All the special effects and jazzy stuff on the planet can't make up

  • iMovie 11 How-to - Click here for the PDF version The Setup Collect all your parts in one place – on the desktop, your documents folder, wherever – I suggest

  • iPad Camera Roll to your Teacher [Dept iPad Set] - Say you have a Department iPad set, the students have produced some media [pictures or videos] and you need to fetch a copy. Here's how: On the

  • iPad movies and pictures to Google Drive - A quick note on how to get movies and pictures from your iPad to your Google Drive. 1. Fire up Google Drive 2. Click the UPLOAD icon [a plus


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