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  • iCloud and Google Drive - We use Google Drive for most data storage on campus. You SHOULD have your Notability backing up to

  • Powerschool LMS - troubles logging in, getting things done - The LMS system is being overwhelmed, which is one reason why so many are having trouble logging in. Note that this is a cloud-based product, and

  • Make the Internet Not-So-Scary - There are people [and machines that people set up] that are constantly scanning the internet, trying to see if there are holes or unlocked doors

  • Something Scary, pt 3. - A live Cyber Threat map that lists when and where Malware, Phishing, and Exploit attacks are occurring. BILLIONS of attacks each day are

  • Something Scary, pt 2 - The below is a Cyber Threat Map from FireEye that animates threats as they are tracked by FireEye's servers. The screen shows which countries the

  • Something Scary, part 1 - Halloween is coming, so here's something really scary - a live map showing you Top DDoS attacks happening across the planet. DDoS = Distributed

  • Why would someone hack my old PC? - There is potentially a lot of useful / sellable info on that old PC that you haven't used in a while. What your old hacked PC can be used for by

  • iCloud - how to setup your account - The MUST list: you MUST use your MDS email address you MUST use your Moodle password [or if your moodle password is missing a number, add

  • When you have a guest on campus and they need wireless access - The details will vary depending on what device you use, but here is the overview: Set your device to join the network MDS-public In the Login

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