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Save Your Data! [what to do after your iPad gets wiped]

Here’s what you need to MAKE SURE gets setup after your iPad gets wiped – or better yet, BEFORE something happens  to your iPad.

The Short List

  1. iCloud signed in to your MDS email address
  2. iCloud Backup ON
  3. Google Drive – signed in, Pix auto-backup
  4. Notability – backing up to Google Drive
  5. Setup Email

The Detailed List


This will make it faster to setup your iPad in case of a disaster.

  • Settings –> iCloud
  • Make sure you are signed in. You should see YOUR MDS EMAIL at the top. If you have used a different email address, CHANGE IT NOW. If you want to know why, ask Mr. Rule.
  • Turn iCloud Backup ON – and start a backup.


Google Drive

Automatically backup your pictures and videos after you take them.

  • Sign in to Google Drive
  • Look for the 3 stacked lines, top left. [It’s called a “hamburger menu”].
  • Click it.
  • Select Settings…..
  • Select Photos
  • Turn ON both sliders at the top [Use Google Photos folder, Autobackup].
  • Sometimes the “Google Photos” option is grayed out. I don’t know why. Let me know if you figure it out.



Automatically back up everything in Notability to a folder on Google Drive.

  • Fire up Notability
  • Bottom Left corner – click the gear icon [settings]
  • AutoBackup
  • Google Drive
  • Login
  • Give it permission


Setup Email

  • Settings –>Email
  • Add new account
  • It’s a GOOGLE account
  • Fill in the fields – should be easy to figure out.
  • When you get to the screen with 4 sliders – turn all 4 of them green, then hit SAVE

After your iPad was wiped out….

[January 2017 update]

Sometimes your iPad has to be wiped clean of all your data….here is a list of everything you need to make sure everything gets setup and recovered.


  1. AppleID/iCloud
  2. Google Drive
  3. Email
  4. Notability
  5. Other Accounts
  6. Kindle, iBooks, eTexts [may not apply to everyone]


  • Settings –> iCloud
  • do NOT create a new AppleID – just sign in to the existing one.

 Google Drive

  • Fire up the app and login.


  • Settings –> Mail/Contacts/Calendars
  • Add Account    >
  • Select GMAIL account
  • Type in your info.
  • Email Address is your FULL email address, including the mountdesales.net part
  • For Description don’t leave it at the default.  I suggest MDS.
  • Click NEXT
  • If you get 4 checkmarks, go to the next step.
  • If there’s a problem, doublecheck your typing. It is very common to misspell mountdesales.net, to add an extra space at the beginning or end, or to mistype your password.


This is a bit tricky, so pay attention!

  • Fire up Notability. All of your notes are gone – but you have a backup on Drive, right? 
  • Setup your Dividers and Subjects [also known as the lines and folders] in Notability. Remember you should have a “Divider” for each class, and several “Subject” folders inside each divider. The exact list will change depending on the class.
    • Fire up the Drive app.
    • Navigate to the folder “Notability”
    • You should see a bunch of folders there – each folder in Drive = a folder in Notability…. but the Dividers don’t exist in Drive, so I hope your folder titles give you a clue to what’s inside.
    • Write down what folders you’ll need, and inside which Divider/Class
  • Get to the main screen in Notability [the Library].
  • Setup the connection between Drive and Notability by clicking on the gear icon [bottom left] –>Manage Accounts, and click the LOGIN button next to Google Drive. DON’T SETUP AutoBackup yet!
  • Exit out of Settings.
  • You’ll have to download your backups one folder at a time
  • In Notability, select a folder to start and click it.
  • Then click the IMPORT button [looks like a rectangle with an arrow point INTO it].
  • Click Google Drive
  • Click the folder you want to import. You should see a list of docs inside.
  • At the top right is a link that says “Import foldername“. Click it.
  • All the documents in that Drive folder should import into the Notability folder you selected.
  • NEXT, select a different notability folder, then download the documents from Drive…. keep downloading until you get all of them you need.
  • NOW, setup autobackup.
    • Get to the Library/opening screen,
    • click the Gear icon on bottom left,
    • click Auto-Backup,
    • then Google Drive.


You’ll also have to setup any other app accounts [eTexts, kindle, ibooks, etc]

 iBooks [optional for most students]

  • Some students will want to setup an account for iBooks, for a variety of reasons. MOST of the time you’ll want to use your PERSONAL AppleID [not your school one].
  • Settings –> iTunes & App Store
  • If you already have a personal AppleID, then use it.
  • If you don’t, you COULD use your school one, but remember that any material connected to that AppleID will disappear once you leave this fine institution.
    •…. or you could create a new AppleID using your personal email address.