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A note re: Senior Portraits

A note regarding Senior Portraits for the Class of 2019:

In an effort to reduce costs, The Academy is offering two free sessions of senior formal portraits with our professional photographer, Maryann Bates. It is mandatory for all seniors to use this photographer in order for their picture to appear in their senior yearbook . All portraits will be taken in the yearbook room located downstairs in the Zuver Center. Sessions are:

  • Tuesday, August 7, beginning at 9:00 a.m.
  • Tuesday, August 14, beginning at noon, following Senior Orientation

Portrait Sessions: Registration

It is important that you choose a time slot for one of these free sessions. To sign up, please visit this link: http://mtdesales.link/formals

You can also find this on our website at

www.mountdesales.net –> Parents & Students –> Other Resources –> Student Photos.

**Seniors who arrive without registering will be photographed on a first-come, first-served basis as time allows.

Portrait Sessions: Makeup Dates

After the free portrait sessions are completed, makeup sessions will be based on the photographer’s availability. Please note that a sitting fee of $125 will be charged to each family prior to a makeup portrait session. The link for payment along with dates and time slots will be shared with families later in the semester.

Attire and Appearance

Mount de Sales will provide tuxes for boys and drapes for girls at the sessions. Hair must be clean and appropriate per school guidelines. Girls may wear simple earrings and a necklace.  All seniors must arrive portrait-ready as time will not allow for additional styling.

Final Photos

Families will choose one of four poses. A final edit will be done on one selected photo of those choices. This one photo will be sent to you via email as well as placed in the yearbook.

Jenny Barker, Upper School English teacher, will be serving as the yearbook advisor. She will be in contact with seniors and parents with any updates to portraits as well as any special requests regarding senior features in the yearbook.

Moving Pictures around

If you have pictures/videos and need to move them around, here are a couple of processes.

To get a photo from Drive to Camera Roll:
• On the iPad, open up the Drive app.
• Click on the filename to view it.
• Click on the image – a dialogue box should pop up.
• Click “Save image”.

The file is copied over to the camera roll.
To get a photo from Drive to Photoshop [or another app]:
• On the iPad, open up the Drive app.
• Click on the “i” icon, to the right of the filename.
• Click “Open In” icon, select Photoshop or the app of your choice.
To get a photo from Camera Roll to Google Drive:
• On the iPad, open up the Drive app.
• Navigate to the folder where you want to stash the photos. Create a new folder if needed.
• Click the + icon, top right.
• Select “Upload Photos or Videos”
• Click on the files you want to upload. You’ll see a blue checkmark on the ones you select.
• When done, click the bigger blue checkmark at the top of the window. Wait a minute – or several minutes if you have selected a whole bunch  of files to upload.
NEVER assume they got uploaded – always doublecheck!

iPad Camera Roll to your Teacher [Dept iPad Set]

Say you have a Department iPad set, the students have produced some media [pictures or videos] and you need to fetch a copy. Here’s how:

On the iPads:

  • Fire up a web browser – I suggest Chrome
  • Surf to Drive.Google.com
  • Login to YOUR account
  • Scroll to the BOTTOM of the page. Click the “Desktop version” link
  • You’ll see a warning [“Everything won’t work“].
    Click through to the desktop version [“I know, I don’t care.”].
  • Scroll back up to the top. Click the upload button [Top left, next to the CREATE button].
  • Select your file, and upload it.
  • Get the checkmark on the file.
  • More –> Share –> Email as Attachment
  • WHEN YOU ARE DONE: Click your email address up top and LOGOUT.

    Save yourself some hassle! 

We tried sharing the file, but as of this writing the dialog box will not let you type an address. It MIGHT work in Safari, though.