iPad OS 17: what’s new, and should you update?

Updating is OPTIONAL at this point. MDS Tech has not tested the new OS just yet, but we anticipate there will be only a few issues since we have been updating the iPad apps as they come out.

Note that students must update iPads AT HOME – the OS updates do not work on the student network.

Here’s a synopsis of the major changes in IOS 17, taken from a variety of sources:


Youtube without distractions

Instead of this:

Your screen can look like this:

No distractions.

You do this by first calling up the video you want to watch, and then adding a DASH inside the address, between the t and the u in youtube.. For example, change

NOTE: This does NOT work with the shortened address you get when pressing the “Share” button. You have to copy/paste/modify the link at the top of the page, in the address bar.

This also MAY not work when monetization is enabled for the video. It throws an error message.

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