Getting ready for the First Official iPad Hospital Day

Tuesday 8/23/16 we will be holding the

First Official Upper School
iPad Hospital Day

At a designated time [AND NOT BEFORE!] you can drop off your iPad overnight. The Emergency Room team will do their best to get your iPad Apps straightened out by Wednesday morning. Watch WMDS for details.

To get your iPad ready, here are some things you MIGHT want to do so you won’t lose any data:

  • If you have the Drive app, use it to upload any pictures you want to keep. If you do NOT have the Drive app, email them to yourself.
  • If you have Notability, make sure Drive Autobackup is turned on.
    • Front screen –> Settings [gear icon on bottom left]
      Autobackup –> Google Drive
      Login, and allow.



Missing iPad Apps

If you still haven’t seen your apps appear, here are some things to check.

Is your iPad up-to-date?

Settings –> General –> Software Update
Update it if there is one to apply

Leave it on and on the network

  • Plug the device in
  • Settings –> General –> Autolock
  • Set it to NEVER
  • Leave it on, and leave it alone for an entire night

Let’s see if that allows the communication between the iPad and the App server to happen.

iPad – the time is wrong!

Here’s how to fix it if the time on your iPad is off by several hours:

  • Settings –> General –> Date and Time
  • If “Set Automatically” is turned on, turn it off
  • Set the Time Zone to Eastern [or Select New York]
  • You also need to turn Location Services ON [Settings–>Privacy–>Location Services]. They have to be on anyway to allow Find My iPad to work.