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Canva – Create away!

Use Canva to create all sorts of Graphics, from presentations to flyers to…. well, the list is long. You can download PDF or graphics [like jpg or png], import them into a Notability project, print them out….. In other words, you have options. – sign in with Google, and use your MDS account info.

But what if you don’t have time [or the inclination]

to learn how to use Canva?


Canva for Students – short, easy, tutorials

iCloud and Google Drive

We use Google Drive for most data storage on campus. You SHOULD have your Notability backing up to Drive automatically – if you aren’t or are not sure, CLICK HERE and make sure!

If you are in the middle school [in the 2022-2023 school year] then you are also using a Managed AppleID, which comes with 200 gigabytes of storage. The data and pictures that the 6th and 7th graders create on the Shared ipads automatically get backed up to their iCloud account – WHICH CAN ACCESSED USING ANY WEB BROWSER.

You 8th graders need to check some settings [See Settings –> Click on your name at the top left column -> iCloud -> Turn ON Photos, iCloud Backup]

To access your iCloud account, surf to

To see what you can do on iCloud, the user guide is at iCloud User Guide.

Powerschool & Schoology –> Apps and Phones

We have recently received several emails and comments stating that getting into Schoology and Powerschool has been a bit flaky.

All of the commenters were using their phones and the respective apps to try and access their accounts.

MDS Tech’s advice:

When the apps refuse to work, fire up a web browser and access the information that way. You get the same info, just via a different route.



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