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Notability – you won’t BELIEVE what you can do with it

MyScript Handwriting and Math Recognition are now included

Convert handwriting into text; transform handwritten equations into hi-res scalable images. Edit and group ink together as a single element. Grouped ink can be moved, scaled, and rotated like media objects. 

Curious how to use Notability in the classroom? 

The ways that students and teachers use Notability are vast. It’s the perfect study aid for all types of learners: auditory (record and playback audio synced to writing for exam), visual (handwrite with Apple Pencil or share with Presentation Mode), Read/Write (type and annotate).

Students: Notability makes it easy to organize class notes, write out thoughts, record classes, and review for exams. It combines multiple inputs like sketching, handwriting, audio recording, photos, and more into one simple-to-use interface. Students can annotate slides, present projects in class, learn a language, and even complete and turn in class assignments in the cloud. Not to mention it can lighten backpacks; students can import presentation slides or even textbooks to review and mark-up!

Teachers: Use Notability as a single place to collect work, grade, provide student feedback and even present lessons (replacing traditional whiteboards). Teachers also use Notability to screencast and create videos and notes that they share with their students before and after class so that students can learn the concepts on their own time.

[Above taken from A New Generation of Notability for Students & Teachers is Here – Notability ( ]

[Material below comes from Getting Started with Notability – Notability (]

Getting started with Notability

The Library

The Library houses your notes, subjects, and dividers. It’s where you access and organize your notes. 

Here, you can create new notessearch notes, access the Gallery, and customize the app settings.

Create a New Note

Tap +New to create a new note. 

Inside a note:

  • Select RuleGrid, or Dot at the bottom of a new note to change the background.
  • Select Scan to scan a document, which will be saved as a PDF background in the note.
  • Select Templates to set a custom template. 

The Toolbox

Our Moveable Toolbox is fully customizable to suit your specific needs. The style tray gives you one tap access to your favorite tools and every tool has its own customizable presets.

All tools including Zoom, Tape, Ruler and Laser Pointer, are grouped in the Toolbox. Don’t see a tool? Swipe left to reveal more. 

  • pen.png Tap Pen and start writing with your finger or stylus. Tap Pen again to adjust color, line weight, and style. 
  •  Pencil has pressure sensitivity and texture for sketching and shading.
  •  Highlighter is a translucent ink that can emphasize the most important parts of a note.
  •  Partial Eraser allows you to remove precise details; Whole Eraser erases the entire item. 
  •   Tap anywhere in the note to start typing. Make text boxes and move them wherever you’d like on the page.
  • Draw selections around ink/sketches to edit; convert handwriting to text. 
  • media icon.png Tap to take photos, scan documents, and add images to your note. Include GIFs and stickers. Insert sticky notes for quick reminders.
  • Record lectures and meetings with Audio RecordingNote Replay syncs recordings with ink automatically. 
  • zoom view.jpeg Use Zoom View for detailed work. 
  • tape.pngUse Tape to cover up key information in your note and quiz yourself. 
  • Use Ruler to create straight edges or measure precise angles. 
  • Use Laser Pointer to direct your audience’s attention to specific parts of the page during presentations. 

Inside a Note: Undo/Redo, Options Menu, and Content Manager

Tap Undo/Redo to undo or redo your last action. Enable Undo/Redo gestures in your app’s settings. Tapthreedotsnoteview.pngto export notes, modify your template settings, and select how you view your note.

Use Content Manager to manage note pages and audio transcripts.

Multi-Note and Note Switcher: Multi-Note lets you open and work on two notes at the same time in either horizontal or vertical view. Note Switcher allows you to quickly switch between notes.

The MDS iPad App Portal – you’d be surprised at the tools you have available!

There are dozens upon dozens of apps you can download from the MDS App Portal. CLICK HERE to see the list, divided up by general categories.

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Feel Free to download any of the apps you’d like to explore!

Have an app you don’t want anymore? Send a request to the iPad email, or to Mr. Rule to have it removed.

Want to see if your iPad has enough room? Call up Settings -> General -> About and look at iPad Storage. You should see a line telling you how much open storage you have available.

ADVICE: Leave at least 3gig open on your iPad. It will start misbehaving and causing you headaches if you don’t.