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5 Basic Tech Tips you should know



Here are some things to keep in mind as you use your computer. See the bottom of the article for credits

  1. DO NOT start clicking randomly when things go wrong.
    Randomly clicking things on the machine can at the least cause things to go even slower …and at the worst can really mangle things up.

    When things go wrong, TAKE YOUR HAND OFF THE MOUSE OR SCREEN. Take a deep breath. Contact MDS Tech – or slowly DECIDE on your next move.
  2. CHECK THOSE LINKS before you click on them.
    Internet scams are still going strong, so do NOT assume that email promising you a Dyson Vacuum or a DeWalt Drill from Ace Hardware is legit. Look for speeling errors, wonky grammar, really bad writing. Hover over those links to see where they ACTUALLY go – if that email from “Ace” doesn’t actually link back to Ace Hardware, it just might be a scam.

    You can also check the Reply-To and the source email addresses – that is usually a clue on whether is it legit or not. That email from “Paypal “saying you’ve been charged $1100 for that iPhone XXi that you never ordered likely ACTUALLY comes from kdjvbdfiejfnl02937@whatever.com
    Pause. Breathe. Think about other routes you can take. Doublecheck what you just did [did you ACTUALLY print to the ARC-student printer….or is your printout in Sheridan hall?] Can you try a different browser? Do you have a live connection to the network?

    Have you asked for help from MDS Tech?

    This includes things like web browser extensions – ALL of whom slow your machine down [at least a bit]. Make certain the software is from a reliable, trusted source…. and when in doubt, ask MDS Tech.

    Do note that the iPad App Portal apps have been checked out and are OK to install.

    Keep your sock drawer [i.e. your documents] organized. We have multiple sock drawers now – your machine, your devices, cloud storage like Drive and iCloud… Keeping them organized is the key to avoiding panic attacks when looking for something.

    Create folders! Name them something that makes sense! Actually stash things in them that make sense!
    This really is critical. Yes, system updates happen all the time, and MOST of the time you can wait until a more convenient time. Sometimes, though, it really is critical. For example, as of this writing [August 2022] Apple just put out IOS 15.6.1 update, which closes a security hole that HAD been exploited “in the wild” – allowing attackers to take over a device. Google put out an update to Drive AND Schoology updated their LMS app – both fixing bugs that was keeping a select number of “lucky” students from submitting class assignments.


  7. REBOOT!
    Quit out of ALL your running apps and shut your machine/device down [also know as the iPad Reboot Dance]. MDS Tech says AT LEAST once a week will reduce your headaches and stress from wonky computer chicanery.
Seriously, it isn’t a joke. Yes, it is still funny.



The inspiration for this article came from a post by Jack Wallen over at Tech Republic. His information was modified to fit our situation here at MDS.

Black iPad Apps – what to do

If you have apps on your ipad that are “black” or “grayed out” or just “won’t work”, here are some things to try:

  1. First, make sure you have a live connection to the internet. Fire up a web browser and visit a website you’ve never visited before. Then plugin your iPad and wait a half-hour to see if anything changes.
  2. If nothing has changed,  then do the “iPad Reboot Dance“:
    Swipe out of all your running apps,
    then press AND HOLD the power button on the top of your iPad.
    Swipe to turn it off.
    Wait 2 minutes, and power it back on.
    THEN plugin your iPad and wait a while, to see if anything changes.
  3. Try clicking on one of the dark apps – sometimes that gets the install process kickstarted.

If NOTHING works, then send an email to IPAD – listing what apps are dark.