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The MDS iPad App Portal – you’d be surprised at the tools you have available!

There are dozens upon dozens of apps you can download from the MDS App Portal. CLICK HERE to see the list, divided up by general categories.

[NOTE: You do have to be signed in to your MDS Google Account to view the info.]

If you are viewing this blog entry on the Tech website, you can click the “APP PORTAL” link, above.

Feel Free to download any of the apps you’d like to explore!

Have an app you don’t want anymore? Send a request to the iPad email, or to Mr. Rule to have it removed.

Want to see if your iPad has enough room? Call up Settings -> General -> About and look at iPad Storage. You should see a line telling you how much open storage you have available.

ADVICE: Leave at least 3gig open on your iPad. It will start misbehaving and causing you headaches if you don’t.

Make sure your iPad is ready

Make sure you got all of these tasks completed on your iPad – believe me, it will save you some hassles down the road!

ONE: Connected to the correct network [MDS-student or MDS-middle]. Look at Settings -> WiFi

TWO: Signed into Drive [use your MDS email address and password].

THREE: Notability backing up to Drive automagically. [Fire up notability, Click the Gear icon, then AutoBackup. Select “Google Drive” and get logged in. THEN select PDF+Recording as the format.]

FOUR: Email setup. [Fire up email, select Google as the account type, and log in using your MDS email address and password. Remember that your MDS email is mds#####@mountdesales.net.]

FIVE: AppleID setup – this is a bit more complicated because we are in a campuswide transition.

  • IF you have a regular AppleID [that you setup yourself – primarily Upper school students]:
    • Then your AppleiD is your MDS email and MDS password – OR whatever you set it to. If you can’t remember, click the “I forgot”: or “Password Reset” link and follow the instructions.
    • If you are getting a message saying your password has expired, please let Mr. Rule know at the ipad email address. [ipad@……]
  • IF you have a “managed AppleID” – middle school students:
    • ….and yours is already setup, then you login with your MDS email address and PROBABLY your MDS password. Some students have a variant on your MDS password for the AppleID – your teacher has access to that information.
    • ….and you have never setup your AppleID, then there is a “temp” password available.

Regular AppleID accounts allow you to sue Find My iPad to locate your ipad, and have 5gigs of online storage. Managed AppleID accounts allow you to login to the shared iPads in the middle school, AND have 200gig of online Cloud storage.

Both allow you to access your data and use apps like Keynote, Numbers, etc. at iCloud.com


iPads, as usual, must be turned in before you may receive your grades. Details on dates, what to turn in, policies, etc. are below.


–> You will be charged a $25 late fee if you turn in your iPad late. <–

REMEMBER: –>ONLY YOU<– can turn in your iPad. DO NOT ask anyone else to do it.


  • Passcode to all zeros
  • AT LEAST 15% power
  • Fire up Notability and Google Photos – make sure your data has been backed up. [Check settings, or search this site].
  • You do NOT have to logout of anything unless you really want to. We’ll be wiping the device soon anyway.


Grades 9, 10 and 11: Exam Days

  • Monday May 15,
  • Tuesday May 16,
  • Wednesday May 17
  • Yes, you can turn your iPad in earlier that week if you would like to beat the crowds. Check with Mr. Rule.

Grade 8: your teachers will let you know the exact day – it will probably be one of the last 2 or three days of class.


You WILL be charged a $25 late fee for turning in your iPad late.

Question? See or email Mr. Rule, who is usually in DS-1.


Either DS-1 or the ARC. Watch for signs.


Turn in your iPad in the case, cable, AND charger block.

Missing something? 

You will be charged for the missing parts.

Is something damaged?

  • Cable – turn in the damaged cable. We treat cables as wear items, so there would be no charge.
  • Charger block – turn in the damaged block. This is also treated as a wear item.
  • Case – if the case shows UNUSUAL wear and tear or damage, you will be charged for a replacement. Standard wear and tear does NOT incur a charge
  • The stand on the case – also treated as a wear item. We do not charge for the stand being broken – but we also do not replace them.
  • iPad – if your iPad has a cracked screen or other hardware damage, you will be charged the standard amount for the repair [$100 for 2022-2023]