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Black iPad Apps – what to do

If you have apps on your ipad that are “black” or “grayed out” or just “won’t work”, here are some things to try:

  1. First, make sure you have a live connection to the internet. Fire up a web browser and visit a website you’ve never visited before. Then plugin your iPad and wait a half-hour to see if anything changes.
  2. If nothing has changed,  then do the “iPad Reboot Dance“:
    Swipe out of all your running apps,
    then press AND HOLD the power button on the top of your iPad.
    Swipe to turn it off.
    Wait 2 minutes, and power it back on.
    THEN plugin your iPad and wait a while, to see if anything changes.
  3. Try clicking on one of the dark apps – sometimes that gets the install process kickstarted.

If NOTHING works, then send an email to IPAD – listing what apps are dark.


The “iPad Reboot Dance”

  • Double-click the Home button [the one at the bottom of the screen]. You’ll see all of your running apps as stacked windows.
  • Swipe upwards to get rid of each window.
  • Press and Hold the power button [top right corner of the iPad] until “Swipe to Power Off” appears.
  • Swipe to power it off!
  • Wait 20 seconds. Try humming the fight song twice.
  • Power your iPad back on by pushing the power button until the Apple logo appears.