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As of January 27, 2022, Apple released an update to IOS 15 that plugs a major security hole. Update your iPad at home. TONIGHT. It is **that** critical.

Settings –> General –> Software Update

Note: If you don’t see an update pending, then check each night for the next week.

What does it fix? Attackers can steal your recent browser history, and even details about your logged accounts [such as Google].

The bug affects all browsers on the iPad – which would mean Chrome AND Firefox are vulnerable as well as Safari.


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No. This is a reality of living in the 21st century. In the 1950’s we were told to lock our cars, in the 1960’s to lock our doors. Now we have to keep our devices updated.


Well, then CLICK HERE for an article about the issue, and HERE for Apple’s Release notes.


  • Make more room on your ipad – see THIS ARTICLE for help.
  • Come by the ARC. We *can get your ipad updated, but it will take several hours.


Send an email to ipad@mountdesales.net and ask away.

ALEKS is not working on my iPad

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What to do if ALEKS is misbehaving on your iPad

If ALEKS is not working on your iPad, here are some things to check.

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Are you on the network? Trying visiting a website you haven’t been to in a month, or one you’ve never visited [hamsandwichtees.com, for example].

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Make sure you are on the CORRECT network: MDS-student for upper school, MDS-middle for middle school.

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Have you tried using a different browser? You have three to choose from [Safari, Chrome, Firefox are all installed on your iPad. DuckDuckGo and Brave are also available on the App portal].

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Have you done the iPad Reboot Dance in the last week? If not, do it.

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Visit the ALEKS troubleshooting site. Run the diagnostics by clicking the button.

Typically Popups are blocked on the iPad. If the ALEKS troubleshooting site indicates that your popups are blocked, see these articles that tell you how to allow popups.

IOS 11 – quick overview

Much of the info below was taken from THIS ARTICLE.

How do I know if I can update to IOS 11?

Not everyone on campus can. The easiest way is to go to Settings –> General –> Software Update and see if it is available. Note that you can see if you can update while on campus – but you won’t actually be able to update until you get off-campus.

What’s different?

There are tons of articles on-line with that info, but here’s a quick rundown of the important day-to-day stuff:

Multi-Touch with Drag-n-Drop

 Get into Split-screen mode, with two different apps on each side.

You can now drag-n-Drop data from one app to the other.




“Multi-Touch with drag and drop may seem like a small addition, but it makes a big difference in the day-to-day. Being able to split screen and drag and drop files makes a more compelling reason to use iPad for work in both business and an educational context. Adding attachments to an email is much smoother and quicker than it once was and even when adding photos to a blog … has become a better way to get work done on the go.”

File Explorer



Organizes the files on your iPad just like on your regular computer.




“Files is a new native app for iOS that is integrated directly into iOS 11. Whether searching through local files, iCloud, Box, or Google Drive users can organize, open, and delete files from the comfort of their iOS devices. … This is a win for those used to navigating through file structures and is again focused on enabling users and enhancing productivity.”

A new dock, app switcher, and Control Center


Swiping up from the bottom of an iPad running iOS 11 shows the app switcher.

The new dock in this view makes switching between apps much faster and is the basic hub for multitasking on iPad.

It shows the recently used apps and offers access to the also new Control Center.

Swiping up on previously used apps will clear them until they’re opened again.