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How do I keep my Stuff when I’m leaving?

If you are a Senior who needs to keep access to your documents, or you are leaving for other reasons, here are a few notes on how to transfer your data/emails/ etc.

Emails: Forward your emails to your personal account…. or see the link below.

Drive Documents:

  • email the drive documents to your personal account.
  • download the files onto a flash drive, or onto your computer at home. If you select multiple document, Drive will zip them all together first. Just don’t do too many of them!
  • In extreme cases the Tech Dept. may be able to do something called Google Takeout, which will download all of your Drive docs onto a flash drive. Contact us to see if that’s possible.



You can also check out this article:
It has some detailed instructions. We ARE a “Google Apps” school, so the limitations mentioned in the article apply.
Try this search – there are several other articles listing ways to move your data with you:
…and you will see several possibilities.


Email Groups in Gmail

Here’s the quick version:

Top left corner, where it says “MAIL” with the down arrow.
Click the arrow, select CONTACTS.
New Group [left side]. Give it a name.
Click on the group name in the list [on the left].
Button up top – add names to the group.
You can manually type ’em in, copy/paste [I presume], etc.
Save the group.
To send to the group you type in the group name in the address field of the new message.

Want more details?

Creating Contact Groups – Gmail help

Quickly create large contact groups – Youtube video

How to make a mailing list in gmail