Notability: New Features you should play with


Widgets are the tiles on your iPad that give you the Weather, News, Photos, etc. They are VERY customizable [for example, are you tired of seeing the weather Cupertino? CHANGE IT!].

The Notability widgets lives on your HomeScreen, and you can use it to create a new note, access a specific note [Long press the widget, then select the note you want to have quick access to], and view your Recent Notes.

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You can rename and sort a note, all within the note Info screen.

You can also more easily import multiple documents into Notability at the same time., instead of having to do one at a time.

You can HIDE the status bar, if you’d like more screen devoted to note taking.


This is a tool that can help you learn from your notes. Use the tape tool to cover over the notes – see if you remember the material, and then tap to reveal the hidden areas.

CLICK HERE to read more, and view a video that demonstrates it.

Watch out for Spam!

If you get an email with a block asking you to “click here” – BEWARE!

This particular email supposedly came from AT&T, and was delivered to several students recently. Notice that line at the bottom, which says it came from “Veterans United Home Mortgage Reviews” and “Intuit Credit Karma” – not exactly the same at AT&T!

DO NOT CLICK – just delete it. If you aren’t sure if it is legit or not, PLEASE check with MDS Tech. Don’t be shy!

Notability and Google Drive – the 2023 edition

It is CRITICAL that you have your Notability notes backing up to Drive, AND in the correct format. This lets you retrieve your Notes using ANY internet enabled device, and the Notes are backed up as you create each one.

Another advantage: If you delete a note from your iPad, it does NOT get deleted from Drive.

Here’s how to set this up:

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