SENIORS: Take your Data with you [from Google Workspace]

There are already a few articles on this site that talk about taking your data with you when you graduate:

Every Fall MDS Tech gets phone calls or emails from recently graduated students who want to access their Drivespace. Every Fall we tell them their data is gone, because we delete the accounts during summer.


Here’s another article with more detail on how to merge multiple mail accounts, calendars, drive material, etc.

Although this process is hardly painless, here are the step-by-step instructions—along with a few automated workflows—to help you transfer your data in less time and with fewer headaches than you might think.

There’s also no way to merge multiple Google Drive or Google Photos accounts together. But you can merge your files and photos into a different Google account

Watch out for Spam!

If you get an email with a block asking you to “click here” – BEWARE!

This particular email supposedly came from AT&T, and was delivered to several students recently. Notice that line at the bottom, which says it came from “Veterans United Home Mortgage Reviews” and “Intuit Credit Karma” – not exactly the same at AT&T!

DO NOT CLICK – just delete it. If you aren’t sure if it is legit or not, PLEASE check with MDS Tech. Don’t be shy!

Notability and Google Drive – the 2023 edition

It is CRITICAL that you have your Notability notes backing up to Drive, AND in the correct format. This lets you retrieve your Notes using ANY internet enabled device, and the Notes are backed up as you create each one.

Another advantage: If you delete a note from your iPad, it does NOT get deleted from Drive.

Here’s how to set this up:

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