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Oh, no! My iPad is in Recovery mode!

Your iPad is in “Recovery Mode” when the screen looks like this:


Things NOT to do:

  • Do NOT attach it to iTunes
  • Do NOT try to restore it from a backup
  • Do NOT try to fix this yourself!

The instructions you’ll see on the web about getting your iPad out of this predicament are all helping people with their OWN iPads, not with iPads that are school owned.

Here’s what you SHOULD do:

  • Bring it by the Tech Cave [Upstairs Sheridan for high School, Library for the Middle School]
  • Middle School – you can also leave it with Mrs. Jones in the office. She’ll let the Tech Team know about it.
  • Put a post-it note on it with your name, and homeroom on it.

We will get it back to working order again.

Powerschool issues on the iPads

Obviously, if you don’t USE powerschool on the iPad, you can safely ignore this entry!
updated 11/8/13 – see below
If you are using the Powerschool App and you see empty classes after you login successfully, try these Tech Voodoo steps:
Reboot your ipad
Delete the app and redownload it.
If you are having this problem you are not alone.
If you are trying to use Powerschool on an iPad web browser [Safari, Chrome, etc]:
A> If you are trying to take attendance and the classes are showing up empty, try switching to the desktop site:
At the top left corner  of the page is a button that takes you back [NOT the browser’s back button!]
Keep clicking it until you see a list of links – the bottom one will say Exit to Main PS Site. Click it.
Attendance should work from that screen.
Exit to main PS site
B> Try deleting your cache:
For Safari:

Settings –> Safari
Click the “Clear Cookies and Data” button

For Chrome:

Fire up Chrome
Click the Menu icon [top right, looks like 3 lines]
Under Advanced –> Privacy

Click “Clear Cache” & “Clear Cookies, Site Data”

iPad setup – Middle School

CLICK HERE for the video version  [You can ignore a lot of the stuff before the “Use you iPad” part.]

HERE is the Google Doc version

The text quicknotes version – SOME of the first few items may not show up on your iPad.:

First, check your Moodle password. Did you have to modify it to create an AppleID?

Moodle password:

UPPER AND lower case?

If Not:
UPPER AND lower case?  →→→→→→ Changed the 1st letter to the other case

Number?  →→→→→→ Added 1970 to the end


  1. START
    1. Set language

    1. Set Region

    2. Choose network – sign in

    3. Click DONE

    4. Next

    5. ENABLE location services

  2. Restore from iCloud Backup

    1. Type in username & Password

      1. Generally mds email address and Moodle password

      2. EXCEPTION 1: if the moodle password does NOT have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number, then:

        1. if missing one case or the other: the FIRST letter was changed to the ‘other’ case

        2. if missing a number. 1970 was added at the end of the moodle password

      3. EXCEPTION 2: some 7th grade students have “temp” AppleIDs [i.e. tech+1@mds…..]. They are listed in the “Names and iPads” Google Doc. Password is Cavaliers1871

    2. Terms and Conditions→ AGREE

    3. “It may take a few minutes”

  3. DO NOT select “Restore from iTunes” as an option

  4. Sign in with your AppleID.

    1. NEXT

    2. AGREE to terms and conditions [yes, again. Because the lawyers said so!]

  5. YES, use iCloud

  6. NO, do not use “Find my ipad”

  7. Passcode – your option. If you forget it, though, it will either be massively inconvenient or disastrous for your data. We won’t know which option until it happens.

  8. Open Utilities folder, launch Meraki.

    1. Push notifications → OK

    2. Which network: All iPads

    3. Profile install → OK

    4. Push Install button

    5. Push Install now

    6. Push Install

    7. Click DONE

    8. Use Current Location? → OK

      1. If an error pops up “Location disabled for this app”

        1. Settings → Privacy → location settings

        2. Turn Meraki ON

        3. close out

  9. Setup Mail

    1. Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars

    2. Add Account → Google

    3. fill out email address, password, etc

    4. Description: I suggest “MDS” or “School”

    5. Make sure everything turned on [mail, contacts, calendars, notes]

    6. Save

  10. Setup iCloud

    1. Settings → iCloud

    2. Verify if needed

    3. Turn Backup ON

    4. Back Up NOW [just to be safe]