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Cool Stuff in Notability

Drawing doughnuts? Record Audio? Scan Documents? Convert handwriting into text? [well, maybe not the Computer Curmudgeon’s handwriting….] Read on……

Some Amazing things you can create in Notability

Sources for this article include https://notability.medium.com/useful-how-to-tips-in-notability-2fdf1c6aa11a

🍩 Create perfect shapes. Draw any shape and hold the ink for a moment; watch as the shape snaps perfectly into place. You can also erase perfect shapes! Try this: Draw a circle, hold the ink down, then erase a circle from the center. Wa-la you’ve made a donut. Now add sprinkles!

🎧 Listen to audio at the right pace. Adjust audio playback speed for your listening style. Audio speed options are: 0.7x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x.

Want to know more about audio recording in Notability? CLICK HERE!

🔎 Find anything in your notes. Search your handwriting (and convert it to text)*, typed text, pdf text, image text, and note titles (in 23 supported languages)!

📸 Scan paper documents to import. It’s easy to scan and digitize your paper documents into PDFs or images by simply snapping a photo! Text in scanned documents and images is also searchable!

📥 Import GIFs, photos and more! Simply drag and drop GIFs, photos, and web clips from other applications like Safari or easily add media from the Notability note view.

🎨 Create custom colors. Use the color picker to find and save your perfect shades and create your ink palette (you can save up to 32 custom colors).

🔧 Edit audio recordings. Trim, merge, split, reorder and rename audio recordings. Fine-tune audio by adjusting equalizer in playback mode or Voice Boost. Voice Boost allows you to amplify distant voices that may otherwise sound muffled.

There is even a PRESENTATION MODE – use your notability document like a Slide deck. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Work on multiple notes at the same time with Multi-note and note Switcher. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

📝 Take notes alongside another app. When Notability is open, drag and drop another app from the iPad dock onto the screen to view both apps side by side.

Adding a Voiceover to your Google Slide Deck on your iPad

  • Get in a quiet place.
  • Make sure you are facing the iPad screen, and are decently close to it [so the microphone will get a good recording.]
  • Screen record your presentation  [ https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207935 has the details ].
  • Start the screen recording – making sure to click on the microphone button BEFORE starting th recording..
  • Switch to your Slide deck.
  • Start the presentation.
  • Click through your presentation, and say what you need to say on each slide.
  • When you are done, stop the screen recording.
  • The movie – complete with the audio – will be stored in your photo roll.

WMDS – Volume issues

There are at least 3 and maybe 4 different places to adjust the volume when viewing WMDS on the computer or ipad.

1. The speakers you are using.

2. The computer – on Windows, click the volume icon on the bottom right. Make sure things are not muted and the volume is all the way up.

3. There also may be some hardware buttons that mute/unmute the audio and adjust the volume.

4. ONSCREEN, there is yet ANOTHER volume control!

At the bottom of the video window, you should see this. Click it.wmds controls

Slide the volume slider to Max.

Wmds volume