VRP 7 iPad app – record/edit/export audio

  1. SFX = “Sound Effects”
    1. LISTEN – REAL closely. Close your eyes to see if that’s a sound you can use.
    2. Close vs Far – Putting mic close to the sound results in a recording that is very different than when it is far away. A difference of a few inches can be huge.
    3. Levels – AVOID DISTORTION. -6 on the VU meter is a good target.
    4. Use highest quality gear you can get. Lower quality equipmnet does not reproduce everything – you might not be hearing everything that’s in the recording. iPad earbuds are NOT that good. 
    5. Multiple takes are a good idea. Don’t record ONE handclap – record 6 or 7, and pick the best one.
  2. PROCESS: Record –> Edit–> Export
    1. Settings – advanced
      1. Format – always a tradeoff!
        1. MP3 –> smaller file, but lossy compression = not as good audio [but is it good enough?]
        2. WAV –> better quality, bigger files
      2. Sample Rate –>bigger number  = better sound quality
      3. Bit Depth –> bigger number  = better sound quality
      4. Bit Rate [MP3 only] –> bigger number  = better sound quality
      5. CD quality = 16 bits @ 44100 sample rate WAV
      6. Channels = built-in mic is MONO
    2. I suggest after recording you change the filename AND change the title to something that makes sense.
      1. if recording several SFX, start with a number.
        1 snap
        2 crackle
        3 pop
        ………………Makes it easier to access in order on playback.
  4. EDIT
    1. Trim unneeded material at beginning and end – see picts below
    2. Change filename, title, add tags if needed.
    3. Can also duplicate a file
      [ALWAYS WORK ON A DUPLICATE in case something goes awry]
    4. Can also combine files
  5. EXPORT – where do you want it to go?
    1. email – not possible with very large files, though.
    2. photo album
    3. Google Drive
    4. WiFi Download – screen gives an IP address. On the other device you surf to that address, and can download the file.
    5. open w/ other apps
    6. Bluetooth – can send directly to another Bluetooth device if it’s appropriate
    7. Several other options as well


editing VRP7