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iPad questions, Part 1

Answering many questions people have about basics on their iPad. This video [click here for the direct youtube link] covers:

  1. Buttons
  2. Turning it off vs. sleep
  3. Reset mode
  4. Navigating the desktop
  5. Batteries, charging, and such
  6. Searching on your iPad
  7. Settings – get on wireless network
  8. AppleIDs and iCloud
  9. how to update the OS
  10. Printing
  11. Passcode Protect
  12. Is it full?
  13. Clean the Screen
  14. Switching between and stopping Apps

iPads – printing at home

YES, you can print from your ipad at home, but you must have a wireless network active at the house, and your ipad must be connected to it.


If you have an Airprint-capable printer with a wireless option, your iPad should be able to see the printer.


If you have a Mac desktop running 10.6  or newer, you can purchase and install  HandyPrint [CLICK HERE]. That software turns your Mac into an Airprint server, so the iPad can see the printer.


If you have a desktop running Windows 7 or newer,  CLICK HERE for an article about setting up your machine. It does involve downloading  Airprint Service Installer – but the article walks you through the process.


[Added 9/5/14)

CLICK HERE for a list of Airprint-compatible printers

CLICK HERE for a wikipedia article covering Airprint basics.