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Essential iPad & tech skills

HOW TO: Get an assignment from PS LMS to Notability on your iPad

… and then email it to your teacher.

 Find and tap on the PS (PowerSchool app)

  1.  PowerSchool should load and log you into your account.
  1.  Find the apple icon (picture) on the left and tap on it to find a list of your classes.
  1.  Find the class you need and tap on “Go to class” in blue on the right side of the screen.
  1.  Go to the homework area – this may vary by teacher, but is found on the left side of the screen.
  1.  Find your specific assignment.  Tap on it to open.
  1.  See the worksheet on the screen?  Look at the bottom right of the screen.  You will see a square with an arrow pointing straight up.  You will see it later on, but the box part will be larger.  This is the SHARE icon.  Tap on it to share this document with Notability.
  1.  Tap on the Notability icon –
See the source image
  1.  Create a NEW NOTE.
  1.  Find Note Title  on the screen and tap on it.  Change the name of this document to a good name for this file – something so you know how to find it in Notability.
  1.  Click the blue DONE button on the right side of the keyboard. 
  1.  Click on BACK (found at the upper left).
  1.  You have prepared the document to go to Notability.  Tap Import on the upper right of the screen.  You will see the comment “1 file sent to Notability”.  Click Done.
  1.  Go to Notability, open the folder for your class.
    Find the file, open the file and you can then write or type the information on the screen. 
    Continue to work until your assignment is complete. 
    When the assignment is complete, continue to the next steps.

WOW!  Your assignment is done!!

  1.  You are in 


and your Assignment is open (you can see the work you completed).

Be sure your assignment is open.

  1.  Look at the upper left. Find that box with the arrow pointing straight up out of the box.  Remember that is the share icon–only the box is larger. Tap on this icon.
See the source image
The Share icon
  1.  Tap on email.
  1.  Format should be PDF (top line of this screen).
  1.  Email Notes.
  1.  Enter your teacher’s email address in the To: section of the email – you may see her name pop up as you start to type and you can just tap on it.
  1.  Click on the blue circle with white arrow in the upper right corner of this screen to send an email to the teacher.
  1.  Email with assignment SENT! 

    Remember that your completed assignment is under the folder with the class name if you need to look at it. 

    Changing the file name is very important in locating your work to study for a test.

Meet, LMS, Mail, Drive without your iPad apps

Even if your iPad apps are “dark” or missing – or your iPad is broken – you can still access the LMS, use Google Meet, access Google Drive, and even check your email by using a web browser [Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, for example].

See the source image

To access Powerschool LMS, surf to this site:

See the source image

To join a Google Meet without the iPad app, surf to this site:

To check your email without an app, surf to

See the source image

The open up Google Drive, surf to

iPads and Styluses

One of the attractions of using the iPads is the ability to handwrite on the screen. This is especially useful in Notability [which can convert your handwriting into text, unless you are the MDS Tech Director with exceptionally abysmal handwriting. Your mileage may vary.]

See,to%20copy%20the%20text%20to%20your%20Mac%27s%20clipboard. for details on how to do that.

As of Fall 2020 iPads for the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades can use the Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon, or other styluses. 12th grade iPads and Middle School iPads can use other styluses – there is a rough list below looking at some of the options.

Please note that styli are NOT provided by the school.

The Apple Pencil
Logitech Crayon

There are a few general categories of styluses available:

  • Apple Pencil – More expensive, but works VERY well.
  • Logitech Crayon – less expensive than the Apple Pencil. Has some different features that make it an intriguing choice.
  • Bluetooth attached – these require a pairing process, which usually works quite well. The quality level can vary a lot, as does the price.
  • “Capacitive” styluses – these work on all the iPads on campus, but there is a great variety in pricing and quality. Generally these have a “smushy rubbery” tip, though some have a “harder” tip.
    Some people love them, others can’t stand them.
  • There are also some with a small round disc at the end of the stylus.
  • You will see references to “active” styli – generally that means there are some electronics involved [bluetooth] and charging a battery.
A quick web search for “iPad Stylus” gives many options and prices.

Some general advice:

  • There is a wide variant on what is acceptable to the person using the stylus.
  • If you [or your student] is prone to lose things, but really wants or needs a stylus, the best advice is to use a cheaper one.
  • The Apple Pencil is arguably the superior choice, especially is using it for long stretches of time – but at $100 or more losing it is quite painful.
  • The Logitech Crayon, which is in the $60 range, is less painful if lost. It also works very well, and has some advantages over the Apple Pencil [for example, the shape means in will not roll off the desk.}