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The MDS iPad App Portal – you’d be surprised at the tools you have available!

There are dozens upon dozens of apps you can download from the MDS App Portal. CLICK HERE to see the list, divided up by general categories.

[NOTE: You do have to be signed in to your MDS Google Account to view the info.]

If you are viewing this blog entry on the Tech website, you can click the “APP PORTAL” link, above.

Feel Free to download any of the apps you’d like to explore!

Have an app you don’t want anymore? Send a request to the iPad email, or to Mr. Rule to have it removed.

Want to see if your iPad has enough room? Call up Settings -> General -> About and look at iPad Storage. You should see a line telling you how much open storage you have available.

ADVICE: Leave at least 3gig open on your iPad. It will start misbehaving and causing you headaches if you don’t.

iPad App Portal

New to the ipads this year is the App Portal, a place where students can download a selection of apps to their iPad.

No – not just any apps in the store. You won’t see Clash of Clans there…. or even Instagram.

The app list will grow from its current state, so keep on eye on it or keep watching  WMDS, where we’ll be making announcements.


Once you download an app, you will not be able to delete it. So what do you do if you’ve downloaded something from the portal and want to get rid of it?


Email iPad [at] mountdesales.net – tell the iPad Guy what app THAT YOU DOWNLOADED FROM THE PORTAL you’d like to be deleted from your iPad.


Don’t email the iPad Guy. Requests must come from faculty and administration!