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2020 iPad Handout

–> This is a link to the Setup Slideshow. <–

Step One

Get on the network [Settings –> WiFi]

Choose MDS-Student. MDS*****, your standard password.

Step Two

Check to make sure things are setup.

  • Mail [if setting up your account, choose the Google/Gmail option]
  • Drive – open it and login
  • Notability autobackup – first screen, Gear icon on bottom left, Autobackup. Make sure Google Drive is turned on.

Step Three [only for Upper School]

Middle school, please see the slideshow link above, or the text at the bottom of this article.

Login to your AppleID [Settings –> top left column]


  • Login with your mds email
  • If your mds password has at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number, your AppleID password if likely to just be your MDS password.
  • If your MDS password is missing a number, try add 1871 to the end.
  • If it is missing an uppercase or lowercase letter, try changing the case of the first letter in your password.
  • If you changed it and have forgotten – go through the reset process again.
  • If things just don’t work, reset your password.


  • Three words: FIND MY IPAD


You need to set one up.

Easiest way is to surf over to appleid.apple.com

  • Use your mds email address
  • Use your MDS password
  • Security questions: your call. These are only used to retrieve your password if you forget it.
  • You’ll have to click on a link in an email to complete the setup.
  • THEN go to Settings –> click on the left column top and get logged in.

Step 4

Google Photos –> set to autobackup your pix/vids

Fire up Google Photos


You should see the options there. “Original Quality” is OK.

Step Three for Middle School

There are some changes for the middle school this year.

A. If you are a returning student to MDS, AND your AppleID is already setup, AND you know what the password is:

  • Settings
  • Login to AppleID [top of the left column]
  • Login.
  • If you don’t remember your AppleID password, you can either;
    • Try adding 1871 or 1876 to the end of your MDS password
    • Reset the password [there is a link, or you can surf to iforgot.apple.com to reset it.
    • or start using a school-managed AppleID, as explained in the next section

B. If you are a new-to-MDS student
OR are choosing to use a school-managed AppleID:

  • You will need your MDS password AND the temporary AppleID password for your account. Your teacher has access to that information.
  • Settings –> Login to AppleID [at the top of the left column].
  • Your AppleID email address is your mds#@mountdesales.net [For example, 55555@mountdesales.net.
    • NOTE: This is DIFFERENT from your MDS email address – which is something like mds55555@mountdesales.net
  • It will ask you for a password – use the TEMPORARY PASSWORD you have been given.
  • THEN the system will ask you to create a new password:
    • First, for “Old password” type in the TEMPORARY password you were given. [This is the last time you will use it.]
    • For new password, use your standard MDS password. If the system doesn’t like yours, try adding 1871 to the end of it.

iPad: The “Standard Apps List”

The list of iPad apps that all middle school students should have on their iPads:

Catholic New American Bible RE,
Chess – Learn Chess
Chess Tiger
Drawing Desk: Draw & Paint Art
Firefox: Private, Safe Browser, Utilities,
GeoGebra Classic,
Google Chrome, Utilities,
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share Business
Google Drive,
Google Earth, Travel, Navigation
Google Photos, Photo & Video
Google Sheets Business
Google Slides Business
HMH eTextbooks,
HudsonAlpha iCell Medical
iMovie, Photo & Video,
Keynote Business
Laudate – #1 Catholic App,
MackinVIA, Books,
Math Duel – Two Player Split Screen Mathematical Game for Kids and Adults Training – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division! ,
McGraw-Hill K-12 ConnectED,
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Books
MSB Anywhere,
PowerSchool Learning
Remind: School Communication
Textilus Pro Word Processor Business

The list of apps that every Upper School student iPad should have:

Amazon Kindle, Books
Apple Books, Books, Entertainment
Bible Gateway, Reference, Lifestyle
Constitution for iPad, Reference, Education
Firefox: Private, Safe Browser, Utilities, Productivity
Google Chrome, Utilities, Productivity
Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share, Productivity, Business
Google Drive, Productivity
Google Photos, Photo & Video
Google Sheets, Productivity, Business
Google Slides, Productivity, Business
History Today: This day in Historical Events News, Education, Entertainment
iMovie, Photo & Video, Lifestyle
iTunes U, Education, Reference
Khan Academy, Education
MackinVIA, Books, Education
Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD, Reference, Education
MSB Anywhere, Education
Notability, Productivity, Education
PowerSchool Learning, Education, Productivity
Remind: School Communication, Education, Social Networking
TapTyping – typing trainer, Games, Productivity, Word
Textilus Pro Word Processor, Productivity, Business
Voice Record Pro 7, Productivity, Education
x2VOL_, Education

The Great 2019 iPad Turnin

Seniors are up first

Here are all the details you need:

WHAT to turn in

  • iPad in its case
  • Charger cable [even if damaged]
  • Charger Block

WHAT TO DO before turning your iPad in

  • Passcode to all zeros
  • AppleID signed out [Settings –> Click name up top]
  • iPad charged to AT LEAST 10%

HOW LONG will this take?

  • 10-15 minutes. Plan on it.

WHO can turn in my iPad?

  • You
  • Only You
  • No One Else
  • Not a friend
  • Not your Mom
  • Not even your Pastor or Priest
  • Not you Brother or Sister
  • Only You
  • You

WHERE do I turn in my iPad?

The ARC – ONLY to Mrs. Andrews or Mr. Rule. DO NOT just lay it down and walk away – you’ll be charged for the full value of the package [> $400].

WHEN can I turn in my iPad?

  • If you are taking NO exams at all – NOW. Get it done today. Beat the Rush!
  • If you are taking AP exams – immediately after your last exam.
  • If you are taking only Semester/Final exams – Immediately after your last exam Monday 5/20 – Tuesday 5/21-Wednesday 5/22.