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ePub texts – how to read

You might run across an ePub book. How do you read it?

[NOTE: We haven’t had a chance to test out these on our machines, so your mileage may vary. Please let me know what works or doesn’t work! Send an email to trule@ etc etc]

iPads / Kindle

Both of these should automatically open up the file – the iPad in iBooks, the Kindle in an ePub reader. Please let tech know if they don’t.

Windows machines

Mac machines

iPads – printing at home

YES, you can print from your ipad at home, but you must have a wireless network active at the house, and your ipad must be connected to it.


If you have an Airprint-capable printer with a wireless option, your iPad should be able to see the printer.


If you have a Mac desktop running 10.6  or newer, you can purchase and install  HandyPrint [CLICK HERE]. That software turns your Mac into an Airprint server, so the iPad can see the printer.


If you have a desktop running Windows 7 or newer,  CLICK HERE for an article about setting up your machine. It does involve downloading  Airprint Service Installer – but the article walks you through the process.


[Added 9/5/14)

CLICK HERE for a list of Airprint-compatible printers

CLICK HERE for a wikipedia article covering Airprint basics.