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My tabs won’t load – nothing will work.

Some things to try when webpages will not load on your iPad, in no particular order:

1) Swipe out of ALL your running apps. Shut the iPad down. Wait 20 seconds. Start it back up again.
This is what we call the iPad Reboot Dance

2) Turn wi-fi off. Wait 20 seconds. Turn it back on again.

3) Your subscription to the network may have expired. Surf to a webpage you’ve never visited before [, for example]. That should trigger the login page.

4) Try a different web browser – you have three [Safari, Chrome, Firefox].

iPad is Disabled – what to do

What to do if your ipad is Disabled

Why this happens:
You typed in your passcode too many times

How to fix it:
Bring your ipad to the iPad office [or the ARC, if the office is unoccupied.] We will have to wipe it, which can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day or so [depending on what else is happening tech-wise.]

Hopefully you setup your Notability backup to Drive correctly, AND your photos and videos are backing up to Drive as well.

HERE’S HOW to check that your backups are actually happening.

Busted iPad? Here’s what to do

What to do if your iPad looks like this

Make sure your Notability notes are backed up to Drive.

Notability –> Gear icon [bottom left] –> Autobackup –> Google Drive –>Login –> File Format: PDF+RECORDING

Make sure your pix and vids are backed up to Google Drive

Google Photos –> [If you’ve never set it up, you’ll need to login and make some selections. Use your uncommon sense.] –> Click the top right icon. You should an indication that the backup is happening.

Bring the iPad to DS1 [or the ARC, if DS1 is closed].

A replacement iPad will be prepared for you. Keep an eye on the iPad Hospital to see when your replacement is ready.

You will be billed $100 – a “deductible” for the repairs.

That will come from the business office.