iPad Camera Roll to your Teacher [Dept iPad Set]

Say you have a Department iPad set, the students have produced some media [pictures or videos] and you need to fetch a copy. Here’s how:

On the iPads:

  • Fire up a web browser – I suggest Chrome
  • Surf to Drive.Google.com
  • Login to YOUR account
  • Scroll to the BOTTOM of the page. Click the “Desktop version” link
  • You’ll see a warning [“Everything won’t work“].
    Click through to the desktop version [“I know, I don’t care.”].
  • Scroll back up to the top. Click the upload button [Top left, next to the CREATE button].
  • Select your file, and upload it.
  • Get the checkmark on the file.
  • More –> Share –> Email as Attachment
  • WHEN YOU ARE DONE: Click your email address up top and LOGOUT.

    Save yourself some hassle! 

We tried sharing the file, but as of this writing the dialog box will not let you type an address. It MIGHT work in Safari, though.

Powerschool issues on the iPads

Obviously, if you don’t USE powerschool on the iPad, you can safely ignore this entry!
updated 11/8/13 – see below
If you are using the Powerschool App and you see empty classes after you login successfully, try these Tech Voodoo steps:
Reboot your ipad
Delete the app and redownload it.
If you are having this problem you are not alone.
If you are trying to use Powerschool on an iPad web browser [Safari, Chrome, etc]:
A> If you are trying to take attendance and the classes are showing up empty, try switching to the desktop site:
At the top left corner  of the page is a button that takes you back [NOT the browser’s back button!]
Keep clicking it until you see a list of links – the bottom one will say Exit to Main PS Site. Click it.
Attendance should work from that screen.
Exit to main PS site
B> Try deleting your cache:
For Safari:

Settings –> Safari
Click the “Clear Cookies and Data” button

For Chrome:

Fire up Chrome
Click the Menu icon [top right, looks like 3 lines]
Under Advanced –> Privacy

Click “Clear Cache” & “Clear Cookies, Site Data”

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