Notability, part 2

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When in the Library:

  • Click and Hold on a note, in the middle of the line = Duplicate it.
  • Click and Hold on the Note ICON = can move it to another subject/divider
  • CLick on the Note title = rename it.
  • Select Note, click on Trash Can = Delete Note

Top Left Corner:

PLUS tool: Add a subject or Divider.


  • Click edit, then drag subjects to different location.
  • Click the Gear icon on a subject to change color, icon, etc.

Good way to think when starting a new process:
Start by knowing what you want to accomplish, THEN figure out the steps.

Export/Import Tool [icons are Rectangle with an Arrow in or out]

1. Set Destination

  • iTunes: hook up to another computer and load into iTunes for transfer
  • Google Drive – can select destination folder, export type
  • email
  • Print

2. Export Type

  • PDF – what you see is what see, can change it, but CAN write “on top” of it. Can choose to keep the background [“paper”].
  • RTF – useful if you want text to be transferred into a word processor. CAN export images and notes, but apparently only openable on Macs [according to the Help document]
  • NOTE – Notability’s native file format. Openable only in Notability.

Notability, part 1

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What’s covered:

Google Drive, email setup on your iPad

  1. Opening screen overview
  2. Bottom left corner icons: i=Contact developer, ? = help, gear = settings
  3. Manage Accounts –> connect Notability with Google drive, Dropbox, Box accounts
  4. Autobackup – backup options
  5. iCloud – useful if you have multiple IOS devices connected to the same iCloud AppleID AND you have Notability installed on both. Auto-syncs notes on the devices.
  6. Themes – change the look
  7. Document, Typing – setup the defaults
  8. Handwriting – zoom mode –> how to access. Left-handed mode, only useful if you are a lefty who curls your hand around the top to write.

Organization: Notes get stashed into “Subjects”, which can be grouped inside “Dividers”

Two kinds of graphics: Bitmap = Paint on the Screen vs. Vector=Math formula.

  • Bitmap = scissors tool used to slice/dice/move around
  • Vector = Text. Can change size with no loss in quality.

Notability, part 4

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Reviewing the Plus [Media] tool, and importing/exporting

The Media tool enables you to pull in pictures from the Camera Roll or live from the Camera, plus has some basic editing tools [including cropping] AND lets you draw on top of the imported graphic with various shapes [lines, squiggles, rectangles, circles, etc].

Also covers stickies, web clips, and importing PDF file from Google drive into your note.

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