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Get files FROM Drive TO Notability

Normally you set Notability to automatically backup your docs to Drive. Sometimes you need to reverse that process – pull some material from Drive into Notability.


  • Get your Dividers and Subjects setup in Notability
  • Select a location[folder]  in Notability.
    THEN select what to import. Drive is organized just like notability was – if you had folders/dividers in Notability, then you will see folders in Drive, inside the Notability folder.
    Your Notability selection is WHERE the files will be imported to.
  • You will need to do this for each folder/divider you set up.

Once you get Notability setup:

  • Open up Notability
  • Click the icon, top right, that looks like a square with an arrow going INTO it
  • Select Google Drive
  • It should automatically show you the Notability folder on your Drive.
  • Select what you’d like to import.
REMEMBER THAT Folders on Drive = “Subjects” in Notability.


The import icon is the middle one.
The import icon is the middle one.


Importing ExamView questions into Moodle

if you’d like the PDF file that is
complete with pretty screenshots.

  1. Download Moodle XML Builder
    It is free at:
  2. Create quiz/test in ExamView.
  3. Export as Blackboard File:  File–>Export–>Blackboard 6.0+
    1. Name your questions. In the directory name, it’s suggested that you use the same name as above with the word “pics” added to it.
    2. A zipped file has now been placed on the desktop.
  4. Under Programs, open Moodle XML Builder.
  5. Click on the folder to select the test file.
  6. Choose the zipped file that was placed on your desktop earlier.
  7. Click Start.
  8. The Moodle XML Builder will place a new file on your desktop:
  9. Open your class in Moodle.
  10. In the left column, under Administration, click on Question Bank.
  11. Choose Import.
  12. Choose Moodle XML Format and drag and drop your .xml file into the space provided.
  13. Click Import.
  14. Now, your questions have been imported into Moodle. Create a quiz as you would normally.
  15. Notice: This is an .xml file. You will  get an error message if you try and
    use the .tst file.


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