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IOS 12 and missing iBooks

If you have upgraded your iPad to IOS 12, and now your iBooks are missing, try these fixes [taken from a variety of locations across the web}:

  1. Check for another system update in Settings –> General –> Software Update. [Student iPads –> This has to be done at home.]
  2. Do the iPad Reboot Dance.
  3. Redownload the books. In iBooks, click the link “Purchased”. Choose the ebooks you need to recover.
  4. Redownload from iCloud. assuming iCloud is set to backup your iBooks, then this might work.
    Settings –> AppleID (at top left) –> iCloud.
    Swipe down and turn the iBooks switch OFF.
    Wait 30 seconds.
    Do the  iPad Reboot Dance.
    Back to Settings –> AppleID (at top left) –> iCloud –> iBooks.
    Turn the iBooksswitch ON.
    Check iBooks.
  5. Offload the iBooks app.
    Go to Settings –> General –> iPad Storage –> scroll down to iBooks.
    Shutdown, then restart the device.
    Go back intoSettings –> General –> iPad Storage –> and press REINSTALL APP.
    Check iBooks.
    If the books are still not there [or aren’t loading], then reboot your device again.
  6. Toggle iBooks Sync Off, then On.
    Settings –> iBooks –> Sync Bookmarks and Notes.
    Open iBooks.
    If they haven’t shown up, then close iBooks, change it back to ON, and check again

iBook not downloading?

If your purchased iBook is not downloading, here are a couple of things to doublecheck:

  • Make sure you are indeed on the network. Try going to an OFF-campus website [hamsandwichtees.com, for example]. If it’s time to re-up your network subscription, the login screen should popup.
  • Reboot your machine. Hold down the power button until the “Slide to Turn Off” slider pops up.
  • Make sure you have room for the book on your iPad.  Settings –> About, and then look at “Available“.
  • Try clicking the download icon on the book again – and leave the app open and the iPad on for a while. If nothing changes after 15 minutes, then it’s time to call in Support.

Before you go the the website and contact Apple Support, make a note of these things about your iPad. This will save some time. Open up Settings –> About:

  • iPad Model
  • Capacity
  • Available
  • AppleID used in iBooks

Then surf over to this page:   https://getsupport.apple.com/Issues.action

  • You want help with iTunes
  • iTunes Store
  • Connecting & downloading
  • Incomplete or interrupted downloads

Then you get to choose how you want to communicate with tech support – email, chat windows, etc.

How long this process will take will change depending on the day, time of day, how many other people are trying to get technical support help, etc.


  • Be as specific as possible about the problem. Don’t just say “well, it’s like it kinda does this“. Write down what the error message is [if there is one], or describe what the exact problem is [“I redeemed the code and the book is not downloading.”]
  • Speak/Type clearly. Enunciate. use complete sentences, correct grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Good communication gives the impression of intelligence, and you’re more likely to get better help.