iBook not downloading?

If your purchased iBook is not downloading, here are a couple of things to doublecheck:

  • Make sure you are indeed on the network. Try going to an OFF-campus website [hamsandwichtees.com, for example]. If it’s time to re-up your network subscription, the login screen should popup.
  • Reboot your machine. Hold down the power button until the “Slide to Turn Off” slider pops up.
  • Make sure you have room for the book on your iPad.  Settings –> About, and then look at “Available“.
  • Try clicking the download icon on the book again – and leave the app open and the iPad on for a while. If nothing changes after 15 minutes, then it’s time to call in Support.

Before you go the the website and contact Apple Support, make a note of these things about your iPad. This will save some time. Open up Settings –> About:

  • iPad Model
  • Capacity
  • Available
  • AppleID used in iBooks

Then surf over to this page:   https://getsupport.apple.com/Issues.action

  • You want help with iTunes
  • iTunes Store
  • Connecting & downloading
  • Incomplete or interrupted downloads

Then you get to choose how you want to communicate with tech support – email, chat windows, etc.

How long this process will take will change depending on the day, time of day, how many other people are trying to get technical support help, etc.


  • Be as specific as possible about the problem. Don’t just say “well, it’s like it kinda does this“. Write down what the error message is [if there is one], or describe what the exact problem is [“I redeemed the code and the book is not downloading.”]
  • Speak/Type clearly. Enunciate. use complete sentences, correct grammar, punctuation, etc.
  • Good communication gives the impression of intelligence, and you’re more likely to get better help.