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My iPad is busted. What do I do?

What to do if your iPad looks like this
What to do if your iPad looks like this

If your iPad is PHYSICALLY damaged [cracked screen, etc], then it will probably have to be replaced. Per the iPad agreement there will be a charge for the repair – that’s handled through the business office [they’ll send an invoice later].

BEFORE you turn your iPad in, make sure [IF you can!]:

  • Transfer any pictures or videos you want to keep to Drive [Drive app, upload, select the pictures, click the blue checkmark at the top of the dialog]
  • Export and save to Drive or email to yourself any other documents [iMovies, for example]
  • TRIPLE_CHECK and make sure your Notability documents have been backed up to Drive.
    • Easiest way – open up Drive, look inside the Notability folder for the last thing you created.
    • If it isn’t there, go back into Notability and check settings to make surethe backup is actually setup
    • You can force a backup by creating a new Notability document – put something in it, and then going back to the Notability Library.

Then bring your iPad by the ARC [upper school] or the Cuddy Office [middle school].

It officially takes 3-5 school days to get one back to you – I try to get it done quicker.