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6th Grade iPad App List: 2015

Category Name
Art Color uncovered
Core Adobe Reader
Core Chrome
Core Google Docs
Core Google Drive
Core Google Sheets
Core iBooks
Core iTunes U
Core Kindle
Core Meraki
Core Notability
Core Photon
Core PowerSchool [student] – Pearson
Create Animoto Video Maker
Create Educreations
Create GarageBand
Create iMovie
Create Inkflow Visual notebook
Create Inspiration Maps
Create Keynote
Create Paper
Create Prezi
Create SketchBook Express
Create Sumo Paint
Create Whiteboard lite: Collaborative Drawing
Create Zamurai
English iThesaurus
English Merriam Webster Dictionary
English Spelling City
General BrainPOP Featured Movie
General Checkers
General Chess
General Chess – Learn Chess
General Edmodo
General Flashcards*
General Flashcards+
General Google Earth
General Khan Academy
General Moodle Mobile
General myHomework student planner
General Quizzam!
General Show of hands
General Student Clicker Socrative
General TapTyping free
General Word jigsaw
General Word Mover
Hist etc Flags and Capitals
Hist etc LineTime: World History
Hist etc Stack the Countries
Hist etc Stack the States
Hist etc This Day on history
Hist etc Today in History
Hist etc World Book: This Day
Lang Duolingo
Lang French Living Language
Lang Spanish – Living Language
Math Calculator Pro Free
Math Conundra Math
Math GeoGebra
Math iKnockout
Math Jumbo Calculator
Music Prelude – basic notation
Music ScoreCloud
Music Sheet Music Reader piaScore
Science Building Atoms HD lite
Science NASA App HD
Science NASA Science
Science NASA TV
Science NASA Visualization Explorer
Text McGraw-Hill ConnectED
Text Pearson eText
Text Pearson eText for Schools
Theology Catholic NAB Revised
Theology iMassExplained
Theology Quandary
Theology The Pope App

6th grade iPad setup: Part Deux

AppleID setup, part one

  • Settings –> iCloud
  • Click the button to create a new account
  • You’ll have a multi-step dance to waltz through. Use your common sense and follow the directions.
  • YOUR birthday, but use the year 1971.
    Wow, you look GOOD for your age!
  • Use your MDS email address [mds#####@mountdesales.net] plus your moodle password [or your modified moodle/iCloud password from step 1].
  • The security questions are used if you forget your password. You pick them!
  • Rescue email: use either your parent’s email, or your personal email address.
  • IF you get an error message that says something like “this email address has already been used”:
    you have already used your MDS email account on another Apple device.
    –> Log in using the fields at the top of the screen. If you don’t know your password, retrieve it [Click the ‘I forgot my password’ button]


iCloud setup, part 2

  • Find MAIL app.
  • You should an email from Apple. Open it.
  • Click on the Verify link
  • Login to AppleID site using your mds email address and Moodle/Modified Moodle/iCloud password
  • Once that’s done, switch to Settings → iCloud
  • Click Storage & Backup button.
  • Turn on iCloud Backup.
  • Turn on “Find My iPad”


Part Tres:

  • Web Browser
  • go to
  • Login using your iCloud account info
  • Where is your iPad?