6th grade iPad setup: Part Deux

AppleID setup, part one

  • Settings –> iCloud
  • Click the button to create a new account
  • You’ll have a multi-step dance to waltz through. Use your common sense and follow the directions.
  • YOUR birthday, but use the year 1971.
    Wow, you look GOOD for your age!
  • Use your MDS email address [mds#####@mountdesales.net] plus your moodle password [or your modified moodle/iCloud password from step 1].
  • The security questions are used if you forget your password. You pick them!
  • Rescue email: use either your parent’s email, or your personal email address.
  • IF you get an error message that says something like “this email address has already been used”:
    you have already used your MDS email account on another Apple device.
    –> Log in using the fields at the top of the screen. If you don’t know your password, retrieve it [Click the ‘I forgot my password’ button]


iCloud setup, part 2

  • Find MAIL app.
  • You should an email from Apple. Open it.
  • Click on the Verify link
  • Login to AppleID site using your mds email address and Moodle/Modified Moodle/iCloud password
  • Once that’s done, switch to Settings → iCloud
  • Click Storage & Backup button.
  • Turn on iCloud Backup.
  • Turn on “Find My iPad”


Part Tres:

  • Web Browser
  • go to
  • Login using your iCloud account info
  • Where is your iPad?