The Great 2019 iPad Turnin: Seniors

Seniors are up first

Here are all the details you need:

WHAT to turn in

  • iPad in its case
  • Charger cable [even if damaged]
  • Charger Block

WHAT TO DO before turning your iPad in

  • Passcode to all zeros
  • AppleID signed out [Settings –> Click name up top]
  • iPad charged to AT LEAST 10%

HOW LONG will this take?

  • 10-15 minutes. Plan on it.

WHO can turn in my iPad?

  • You
  • Only You
  • No One Else
  • Not a friend
  • Not your Mom
  • Not even your Pastor or Priest
  • Not you Brother or Sister
  • Only You
  • You

WHERE do I turn in my iPad?

The ARC – ONLY to Mrs. Andrews or Mr. Rule. DO NOT just lay it down and walk away – you’ll be charged for the full value of the package [> $400].

WHEN can I turn in my iPad?

  • If you are taking NO exams at all – Tuesday 4/23 – Wednesday 4/24 – Thursday 4/25
  • If you are taking AP exams – immediately after your last exam.
  • If you are taking only Senior exams – Immediately after your last exam Monday 4/29 – Tuesday 4/30.