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iPad Camera Roll to your Teacher [Dept iPad Set]

Say you have a Department iPad set, the students have produced some media [pictures or videos] and you need to fetch a copy. Here’s how:

On the iPads:

  • Fire up a web browser – I suggest Chrome
  • Surf to
  • Login to YOUR account
  • Scroll to the BOTTOM of the page. Click the “Desktop version” link
  • You’ll see a warning [“Everything won’t work“].
    Click through to the desktop version [“I know, I don’t care.”].
  • Scroll back up to the top. Click the upload button [Top left, next to the CREATE button].
  • Select your file, and upload it.
  • Get the checkmark on the file.
  • More –> Share –> Email as Attachment
  • WHEN YOU ARE DONE: Click your email address up top and LOGOUT.

    Save yourself some hassle! 

We tried sharing the file, but as of this writing the dialog box will not let you type an address. It MIGHT work in Safari, though.

MS iPad Setup – 201

The 11-minute youtube video is at 
1. From the “Hello” screen
  1.  Swipe to start
  2. YES – enable Location
  3. It MIGHT ask you to select a network. Select MDS-student, then login as usual.
  4. Start using your iPad

Find the UTILITIES folder.

2. Meraki setup

  1. Inside UTILITIES, open up the Meraki SM app.
  2. If it says “Enrolled in All iPads” you are done!
  3. If it asks you to select from a list of things, select “All iPads”.
  4. If there is a field up top where you can type something, type this in [no spaces]

    016    989    9899

  5. Then click “Enroll”. There will be a series of dialogue boxes. In EACH one click the button that tells it YES or START or ENROLL – use your common sense!
  6. Eventually you’ll see a webpage saying “waiting to enroll”. When you do, go home, and back to the Utilities folder.

3. Settings –> Email

  1. Click Email
  2. Setup NEW account
  3. Click GOOGLE
  4. Type in your Name, email address, password, description {I suggest MDS for the description}
  5. Click NEXT
  6. If all four items in the next screen are Green, click SAVE. [If not, make ’em green.]

4. Settings –> iCloud [CAN be done later – this sets up the auto-backup feature.]

  1. Click iCloud
  2. Sign in with your AppleID
  3. Password SHOULD be same as moodle/email.
  4. If moodle password does NOT have at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, AND one number:
    If missing case – they were supposed to switch the case of the first letter in their password.
    If missing number, they were supposed to add 1970 to the end of their password.
  5. If it doesn’t work/they can’t remember it –>  Click “Forgot AppleID/password”, and select the EMAIL option. [They probably don’t remember the answers to their security questions. If they do they can try that option.]
  6. If it DOES work, you’ll see the iCloud settings screen.
    OFF: mail, Find my Ipad
    ON: whatever else [though Notes will require yet another setup process]
  7. Click “Storage and Backup” button
  8. Click “Backup Now” button.

At the end of the video I take about 30 seconds [NOT minutes like I say in the video!] to mention a few apps that are on their ipads now.

That’s it!