Google Docs – 8 more tips

The article with the details can be found HERE.

Here’s the summary:

  1. Show all keyboard shortcuts:
    • On Mac, press ⌘ /
    • On Windows, press Ctrl /
  2. Use Gmail keyboard shortcuts in List View
    • J  Navigate to the next item in the list
    • K  Navigate to the previous item in the list
    • X  Select/unselect an item
    • S  Star/unstar an item
  3. Less distracting –> Edit Fullscreen [View menu–> Fullscreen. Hit the ESC key to exit.]
  4. Hack the Header styles to quickly add formatting:   To create a new header style, simply format your text how you’d like and highlight it. Then go to the Title menu, click one of the right facing arrows next to a header, and select Update ‘heading X’ to match with X being the header number.
  5. Use the Google Templates to get started:   directory of templates
  6. Let Docs create the Table of contents – only works if you’ve used the header levels in the Title menu. Insert menu –> Table of Contents
  7. Use Conditional Formatting to change the color of a spreadsheet cell based on the contents. For example, you can have the cell color automatically change to red if the test score is less than a 75.
    To do this, hover over the column header and click the arrow icon that appears to bring up a menu. Then click the Conditional formatting… option towards the bottom.
  8. Extrapolate sets of related terms. You’ll just have to read the original for this – but it IS pretty cool – useful is another question altogether, though!