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iPads – what’s taking up all my storage?

If you’d like a quick glance at what apps and data are eating up all of your storage, the easiest way is to fire up

Settings –> General –> Storage & iCloud usage

There you will see a list of every app on your device – the apps taking up the most room are at the top.


Deleting a picture or video in Photos DOES NOT actually delete the file for 30 days. Go to the “Deleted Items” album to actually delete the files.


If you have not deleted/cleaned out your email inbox in ages, then it is very likely you have a ton of attachments you no longer need. You have 2 options:

  1. Go through and manually delete messages
  2. Delete the account in Settings –> Mail, and then set it back up again. [Remember that your school email is a google account.]

GOOGLE APPS [Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides]

Sometimes the Google apps will keep a “local” copy of a file, and these can add up.  Fire up the Google Drive app, click on the “hamburger menu” at the top left, then select “Offline”. That will list any files that are taking up room on your device.

One each document,click the triple-dot menu on the bottom right, and see if the “Available Offline” slider is on, towards the bottom of the list. It should be OFF.

Want Garageband or Numbers on your iPad?

Before you send that email to The iPad Guy telling him that you’d like to have either of these apps, make certain you have enough space on your iPad.

Garageband takes up 1.5 gig, and Numbers about .5 gig.

How to check:
Settings –> General –> About

What to do if you are short on space:

  • Delete pictures/videos in the Photos app – and then empty the album “Recently Deleted”
  • Go ahead and do the system update that you’ve been putting off [Settings –> General –> Software Update]
  • If you have a gazillion unread emails, go into Settings –>Email, and delete the account. Then set it back up [HINT: Google account]. This will NOT delete the emails, just the copies that were sitting on your iPad.

There are other articles on the Tech with additional suggestions. Do a search.


Notability issue – Out of Storage

Think of your ipad as a filing cabinet with a limited amount of storage. If you fill up your filing cabinet, then nothing more can be stashed there until you toss some stuff.

If the cabinet [your iPad] is full, then Notability will NOT save what you’ve been working on.

How to tell how much storage you have used/have available:

Settings –> General –> About

How to tell what app is using the most storage:

Settings –> General –> Usage –> Manage Storage

Suggestions for clearing out some space:

  • First thing to try: Close out of all your apps [doubleclick home, swipe up all the apps], then reboot by holding down the power button until the “swipe to turn off” slider appears.
  • Second thing to try: Settings –> General –> Software Update. Click on the triangle at the bottom – it MAY let you delete the downloaded update file.
  • Photos & Camera: Delete any pix/videos you don’t need. If you have some you’d like to keep, upload them to Drive and then delete from the iPad
  • To upload pix/vids to Drive: fire up the Drive app. Create a folder where you’d like to stash the files. Click the PLUS icon. Select “Upload Photos or Videos”, then camera roll. Click to select the files you’d like to upload, THEN CLICK THE BLUE CHECKMARK at the top right.
  • iBooks: delete anything that you don’t need anymore
  • Notability: delete anything not needed. If you don’t need it NOW but want to keep it, upload the file to Drive by clicking on the Export icon at the top of the screen.

    http://tech2.mountdesales.net/blog/2013/ipad-how-why-backups/ has detailed instructions.

  • Mail: Sometime Mail is taking up tons of room, especially if you never delete anything. Mail is actually downloading a COPY of your emails from the server – to clean things up without actually deleting the mails, delete the account from your iPad [Settings –> Mail]. When you set it up again, select “Google” for the account type.