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iMovie: Do you know how?

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First, some advice:

  • LANDSCAPE ORIENTATION – over 90% of the time you should be shooting in Landscape orientation [a.k.a. SIDEWAYS]. The ONLY time Portrait Orientation is preferred is if 99% of your audience will be looking at the video on their phone, AND they don’t know how or are too lazy to turn their phone sideways.
  • GOOD AUDIO IS IMPORTANT. After all, without it you just created a silent movie. Talk louder than you think, and be aware of all the noise that it around you [try closing your eyes and listening to the sounds around.]
  • PLAN what is going to happen – it will save time. What shots do you want? What sounds? Where? Who is going to be in it?

Here’s a good process to follow when creating a video

  • Shoot your footage.
  • Get too much video – it’s easier to delete extra material than to stretch out material because you don’t have enough.
  • Put the clips in rough order.
  • Add titles.
  • Record your voiceover, if you are going to add one.
    • After recording bump the volume up as much as you can – avoid a lot of red in the waveform, though a bit is usually OK. Your ears will tell you.
  • Watch it 5 times – look for problem spots and fix them.
  • Export the movie and send it on its way. Google Drive is a good place to stash video.

Some Online Help:

iPads – what’s taking up all my storage?

If you’d like a quick glance at what apps and data are eating up all of your storage, the easiest way is to fire up

Settings –> General –> Storage & iCloud usage

There you will see a list of every app on your device – the apps taking up the most room are at the top.


Deleting a picture or video in Photos DOES NOT actually delete the file for 30 days. Go to the “Deleted Items” album to actually delete the files.


If you have not deleted/cleaned out your email inbox in ages, then it is very likely you have a ton of attachments you no longer need. You have 2 options:

  1. Go through and manually delete messages
  2. Delete the account in Settings –> Mail, and then set it back up again. [Remember that your school email is a google account.]

GOOGLE APPS [Drive, Sheets, Docs, Slides]

Sometimes the Google apps will keep a “local” copy of a file, and these can add up.  Fire up the Google Drive app, click on the “hamburger menu” at the top left, then select “Offline”. That will list any files that are taking up room on your device.

One each document,click the triple-dot menu on the bottom right, and see if the “Available Offline” slider is on, towards the bottom of the list. It should be OFF.