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IPAD UNAVAILABLE – so I don’t have to do my homework, right?

  • “My iPad isn’t working”
  • “Mr. Rule has my iPad so I don’t have to do my homework”
  • “I tried to send my homework and it didn’t work so I don’t have to do anything about it.”
  • “My internet wasn’t working so I don’t have to turn in my homework.”
  • “I can’t get Google Drive to submit a file into Moodle so I don’t have to do my homework.”
  • “I tried to email the file but it wouldn’t go so I’ll just forget about it. It’s not my problem.”


It is up to YOU, the student,
to make sure things get done,

When something goes wrong, there is ALWAYS a different path you can take to get your homework in. Check with your teacher if in doubt – some teachers prefer some methods over others. AT THE VERY LEAST prove you tried to submit it:

  • take a screenshot,
  • show your teacher your Outbox that has the emails you attempted to send,
  • send an email WITHOUT the attachment to let them know you are trying,
  • Login to Drive on an ARC computer [Drive.Google.com] and email or submit the file from there. Remember that your Notability documents are being AUTOMATICALLY backed up to Drive. [If you have gotten your iPad updated they may be in iCloud as well!]

There are even MORE options for getting your work turned in. Talk to your teacher or Mrs. Andrews or Mr. Rule.


Options abound.

Acceptable excuses are rare.


……..and if you think that’s HARSH, just wait until you get to college. Ask Mr. Rule – he taught college for longer than you’ve been alive.

By the way, teachers can check the “iPad Hospital List” just like you can to see if your iPad is indeed being worked on.

My iPad is busted. What do I do?

What to do if your iPad looks like this
What to do if your iPad looks like this

If your iPad is PHYSICALLY damaged [cracked screen, etc], then it will probably have to be replaced. Per the iPad agreement there will be a charge for the repair – that’s handled through the business office [they’ll send an invoice later].

BEFORE you turn your iPad in, make sure [IF you can!]:

  • Transfer any pictures or videos you want to keep to Drive [Drive app, upload, select the pictures, click the blue checkmark at the top of the dialog]
  • Export and save to Drive or email to yourself any other documents [iMovies, for example]
  • TRIPLE_CHECK and make sure your Notability documents have been backed up to Drive.
    • Easiest way – open up Drive, look inside the Notability folder for the last thing you created.
    • If it isn’t there, go back into Notability and check settings to make surethe backup is actually setup
    • You can force a backup by creating a new Notability document – put something in it, and then going back to the Notability Library.

Then bring your iPad by the ARC [upper school] or the Cuddy Office [middle school].

It officially takes 3-5 school days to get one back to you – I try to get it done quicker.