iCloud – how to setup your account

The MUST list:

  • you MUST use your MDS email address
  • you MUST use your Moodle password [or if your moodle password is missing a number, add 1871 to the end of it. Ask Mr. Rule is you don’t know the significance of that date.]

The WHY list:

  • because it will allow restoring your data if your iPad has to be wiped [MUCH faster and easier than the alternative]
  • because you can use Find My iPad when [not “if”] you misplace your iPad [saving many headaches]

The HOW List:

On your iPad:

  • Settings –> iCloud
  • Create an account
  • Type in your birthday
  • Use an existing email [NOT an iCloud email]
  • Set the email address and password – remember, MDS email address, moodle password
  • Answer the security questions.
  • DO NOT setup a rescue email.
  • Open your email – look for an email from Apple, It will ask you to click on a link, Do so to complete the process.
  • Back in the Settings app –> iCloud, it should say your name and your MDS email address at the top.
  • Confirm the Find My iPad is turned ON.
  • Confirm Backup is Turned ON.
  • Start a Backup. Seriously. Right now.


These instructions were from memory, and so might be a tad off. Use your common sense if/when reality diverges from this list.