Updating your iPad OS

Notes and Tips about updating your iPad:

You’ll see an indication that there is a System Update in the Settings App.
Go to Settings –> General–>Software Update.

If you are able to update, then do so – but PLUG IT IN FIRST. It will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

If you see a message about not having enough room, then you’ll have to clear out some data:

  1. Open the Photos App. Delete anything you don’t want. Be ruthless! THEN, click ALBUMS, open up the “Recently Deleted” album, Click SELECT [on the top right], then DELETE ALL [top left]
  2. Open up the Drive App. Click the menu icon – top left. Click “On Device“. For each file listed, click the Info button, find the slider “Keep on Device”, and turn it OFF.
  3. iMovie – delete projects.
  4. Garageband – delete songs.
  5. Toontastic – delete projects there.
  6. Swipe out of all active apps, and reboot the iPad. [Hold down the power button until the “Slide to Turn Off” gizmo pops up onscreen.]
  7. Delete email accounts in Settings –> Mail. [a bit drastic, this one. You shouldn’t lose any emails or attachments.]

After each step, switch back to the settings app to see if there is enough room. If you are still at a loss, see Mr. Rule or Mrs. Brown in the ARC for additional suggestions.

Once you’ve made room, then update.



You will see several screens – but not all of the ones listed below. What screens you see will change depending on which OS you started with, and which OS you ended with.

Update 1
The first screen you’ll see – “Hello” is several different languages. Swipe to the Right to continue.
Update 2
Click Continue already!
Update 3
Next you will enter your iCloud password. IF YOU CANNOT REMEMBR IT, click “Skip This Step”.
Update 4
30-some screens of legalese. Agree to it. You have to, or you can’t use the iPad.
Update 5
YES, use Find My iPad
Update 6
For now, DO NOT upgrade. There is very little reason to, is a bit of a hassle, and takes a while.
Update 7
Up to you – but I suggest that you do set one.
Update 8
Get Started already!