2022 iPad Handout

–> This is a link to the Setup Slideshow. <–

Step One

Get on the network [Settings –> WiFi]

Choose MDS-Student. MDS*****, your standard password.

Step Two

Check to make sure things are setup.

  • Mail [if setting up your account, choose the Google/Gmail option]
  • Drive – open it and login
  • Notability autobackup – first screen, Gear icon on bottom left, Autobackup. Make sure Google Drive is turned on.

Step Three [only for Upper School]

Step three for 8th grade is at the bottom of the page.

Login to your AppleID [Settings –> top left column]


  • Login with your mds email
  • If your mds password has at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number, your AppleID password if likely to just be your MDS password.
  • If your MDS password is missing a number, try add 1871 to the end.
  • If it is missing an uppercase or lowercase letter, try changing the case of the first letter in your password.
  • If you changed it and have forgotten – go through the reset process again.
  • If things just don’t work, reset your password.


  • Three words: FIND MY IPAD


You need to set one up.

Easiest way is to surf over to appleid.apple.com

  • Use your mds email address
  • Use your MDS password
  • Security questions: your call. These are only used to retrieve your password if you forget it.
  • You’ll have to click on a link in an email to complete the setup.
  • It will also ask for a phone number to setup “multifactor authentication”. Make sure you use a phone you can access.
  • THEN on the iPad go to Settings –> click on the left column top and get logged in.

Step 4

Google Photos –> set to autobackup your pix/vids

Fire up Google Photos


You should see the options there. “Original Quality” is OK.

Step Three for 8th Grade

A. If you are a returning student to MDS, AND your AppleID is already setup, AND you know what the password is:

  • Settings
  • Login to AppleID [top of the left column]
  • Login.
  • Your password SHOULD be the same as your MDS password.

B. If you are a new-to-MDS student
OR for some reason never setup your school-managed AppleID:

  • You will need your MDS password AND the temporary AppleID password for your account. Your teacher has that information.
  • Settings –> Login to AppleID [at the top of the left column].
  • Your AppleID email address is your mds#@mountdesales.net [For example, mds55555@mountdesales.net.
    • NOTE: SOME students will have a “.1” – for example mds12345.1@mountdesales.net. The system made that happen – send an email to the ipad account if you’d like to know why.
  • It will ask you for a password – use the TEMPORARY PASSWORD you have been given.
  • THEN the system will ask you to create a new password:
    • First, in the “Old password” section, type in the TEMPORARY password you were given. [This is the last time you will use it.]
    • For “new password”, use your standard MDS password. If the system doesn’t like yours, ask for help.