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Youtube without distractions

Instead of this:

Your screen can look like this:

No distractions.

You do this by first calling up the video you want to watch, and then adding a DASH inside the address, between the t and the u in youtube.. For example, change

NOTE: This does NOT work with the shortened address you get when pressing the “Share” button. You have to copy/paste/modify the link at the top of the page, in the address bar.

This also MAY not work when monetization is enabled for the video. It throws an error message.

Log out of ALL of your Google stuff at the same time

Sometimes you have logged into your Google account on multiple machines and devices – AND you told all those browsers to save your login.

Why is this a problem? Because that means your younger sibling can easily get into your stuff – just by opening up a browser window.

Here is how you can log out of EVERYWHERE you are logged in, all at the same time. This info is from https://www.wikihow.com/Sign-Out-of-Your-Google-Account-on-All-Devices-at-Once

Go to https://myaccount.google.com/device-activity in a web browser.

You might have to login again.

Click More details under a device to learn more about it. This shows more information about this sign-in, which varies by device type. You’ll often see the date and time of the last activity, an estimated location, and the names of apps you used to sign in to a Google product.

  • Click Show IP addresses if you want to see the IP address(es) used by the device when it signed in.
  • Click Find device to see your device on a map (if it’s an Android). If it’s an iPhone/iPad or computer, you’ll just see an expanded list of activity times and dates on this page.
  • You may see devices on which you signed into Google a long time ago but haven’t used in a while. Don’t panic just yet—this can happen with Androids, as well as Chromebooks and other computers on which you use Google Backup and Sync. If you do see odd time and date stamps, locations you’ve never been to, or apps you don’t use, click Don’t recognize this device

Click Sign out to log out remotely. A confirmation screen will appear, asking if you’re sure you want to sign out.

Click Sign out to confirm. This logs you out of the device.

  • At this point, you may see another pop-up window letting you know that if you installed apps on that device that could access your Google account, those apps may still be able to use your account. Click Manage app access if you want to revoke an app’s access to your Google account. When you’re finished, click OK to close the window.

Sign out of other devices.

Although there’s no way to log out everywhere at once, you can quickly click each logged-in device and click its Sign out button.

  • If you don’t need to find out more information about a device, just click the three dots at the top-right corner of a device in the list and select Sign out.