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My iPad is in the wrong time zone!

If your iPad clock is a few hours off [it thinks it’s still in California…], here’s how to bring it to Eastern time:

  • Settings–>Privacy
  • Locations Services –> Turn ON

This will let the iPad figure out where it is.

While you are there, the iPad Guy suggests you make these changes:

  • System Services:
    • Leave these ON:
      • Compass Calibration
      • Emergency SOS
      • Find My iPad
      • Setting Time Zone
      • WiFi Networking
    • Turn these OFF:
      • Homekit
      • Location-Based ANTHING [Alerts, Ads, Suggestions]
      • Frequent Locations
      • Product Improvement – all 3 OFF
    • Status Bar Icon ON

These will extend your battery life and better protect your privacy AND reduce some annoyances.

It will take a while for the iPad to update the time.
Want to speed up the process?

  • Settings –> General –> Date&Time
  • Turn “Set Automatically” Off
  • Change “Cupertino” to “Atlanta”
  • Then you can change the “Set Automatically” back on if you want to.