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iPad not working? Can’t get on the Web?

If your iPad

  1. can’t get on the web
  2. can’t access your eText
  3. can’t fetch email

….or do anything else that required network access to the outside world, most likely your subscription to the MDS network has expired. This happens every 30 days – it’s a network security thing.

Here’s what to do:

  • Try to access a website that is OFF-campus [moodle is on-campus, so it won’t help] AND that you haven’t visited before. Maybe this one?
  • Go to Settings–>Wi-Fi–>MDS-student and click FORGET THIS NETWORK. Go back to the list of networks and select it again.
  • Swipe out of all your running apps. REboot the iPad by holding down the Power button until the “Swipe here to turn off your iPad” slider comes up. Swipe it. Once it is done shutting down – it takes about 60 seconds – turn it back on.

What you are trying to do with all of this is to get the “Welcome to the MDS Network” screen to come up. Once it does, you login with your MDS number and your Moodle password.

CLICK HERE to see what to do if you keep getting the “Access Denied” message when logging in.

This is what the signin screen looks like
This is what the signin screen looks like. Click to see a bigger version.